Gray wolf advocates to protest DNR over hunting season

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Photo: Howling for Wolves.
One graphic billboard paid for by opponents of the hunting season.
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    Opponents of the Legislature-mandated hunting season for Minnesota's formerly endangered gray wolf plan to protest outside the Department of Natural Resources' headquarters in St. Paul today.

    The wolf advocacy group, Howling for Wolves, is also responsible for those hard-to-look-at "Stop DNR torture" billboards popping up around town, like the one above.

    At today's rally, the group will file a petition to ban the hunting season, set to begin this fall.

  • Earlier this week, Howling for Wolves President Maureen Hackett appeared on Minnesota Public Radio to talk about the dangers of the hunting season. According to Hacket, the wolf -- taken off the endangered list in January -- is still be vulnerable. From the interview:

    "We fear that the wolf population may be more prone to coming down with the diseases that they're already exposed to under the stress of a hunt," Hackett said. "We think there's the possibility that they could be pushed toward more livestock and human conflict and then also die."

    According to the DNR, Minnesota is home to about 3,000 gray wolves. Designed to control the population, the season will begin this fall along with deer hunting, followed by a second season later in the year. The hunt will end in early January, or after hunters reach the quota of 400 wolves, whichever comes first.

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    CinBlueland, as far as your comments "I'm also willing to bet the majority of protestors are from the Metro' to that I say, the organization has GREAT support from around the state and people from Northern MN showed up in good numbers that day.  The support is widespread.  My family is from Northern Minnesota, so don't feel you SPEAK for all Minnesotans everywhere. You don't even say where YOU are from. why?  No matter what Maureen Hackett said, you would have some negative comment to add.  Read the facts about this wolf.  FYI, if the wolf is a predator in Northern MN and kills or threatens property, the owner of said property has within his/her legal rights, the ability to shoot and kill the wolf.  Or did YOU not know this?  That has been MN law for ages.  So, this has NOTHING to do with protecting property from wolves.  This is about a mandated hunt that is unnecessary and based on poor data that the DNR is recklessly throwing out there.    

    CinBlueland topcommenter

    No fan of the MN DNR, but when your protest talking points start out with "We Fear" and "We Think" you're already on shaky ground. Unless you know, you're just leading with your heart.  I'm also willing to bet the majority of protesters are from the Metro and in love with the idea of Wolves as majestic animals. Not those that live in the area that these predators are spreading into.


    This whole wolf hunt thing is just a money-making gambit. It's a shame that the DNR is forced into selling  animal lives to support itself. Why must the lives of game animals be sacrificed to support an agency that exists to protect them? If  taxpayers are so miserly that they won't  support the DNR out of general funds (which would remove the pressure to have unwanted and/or unneeded hunting seasons) then we should be ashamed. Maybe, the next time we get stopped by a traffic cop and he explains that we're getting a ticket for going 31 in a 30 zone because the police dept. needs to support itself with traffic fines, we will understand the delemma of game animals.


    3000 wolves is just an estimate based on a 2008 unscientific study.  Now take into consideration the fact that 107 wolves have been killed already this year by private predator controllers in addition to illegal hunting, disease, being hit by cars, etc... and that 3000 estimate cannot remain sustainable with the addition of a wolf hunt/trap this fall.  

    Stuttering John
    Stuttering John

    Why would you allow a hunting season when there is only 3000 wolves? I'd bet the hunters imagine turbans on all the wolves when they hunt.

    Jerimiah Hartmann
    Jerimiah Hartmann

    Glad to hear it to many ignorent rednecks out to kill wolfs. They blame them for things that they assume was done by this majestic graceful animal. We are Lucky to have a thriveing population in Minnesota. So please help suport this animal and help get Wolf huntting in Minnesota stoped thank u.


    Predators are a vital part of every ecosystem. Take yellowstone for example, take a minute to check out what happened when the wolves started disapearing. Wolves are to blame, they dont spread into our "areas" we expand into theirs, and all of nature. This world is a disgrace and you should be honored to be in the presence of the few who care about nature. your completely right majority of these people most likely have no idea the basis of this arguement, or the issues with wolf hunting, or any hunting for that matter, but atleast they luckily, and ignorantly chose the good side ha.

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