Green Bay landlord wants to evict non-Packer fan tenants from his home

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It's not news that people take the Packers pretty seriously in Green Bay. But if one landlord has his way, it may soon be the case that fans of other NFL teams won't even be able to live in the city.

A landlord named Carl took to The Landlord Protection Agency's message board on Monday to ask what he insists is a serious question: Can he evict renters from his home because they turned out to be closeted Bears fans?

Here's Carl's post:

packer landlord.jpg

Carl's post caught the attention of longtime Weird Wisconsin connoisseur Dan Barreiro, who discussed the issue with lawyer Ron Rosenbaum on KFAN yesterday.

Rosenbaum said it's his understanding that a Bears fan "can't be evicted for lying on the application, because it's not really material -- I don't think any court would look at it as a material item of importance in terms of whether this is the kind of person he would want living in his place."

But is Carl's post even legitimate in the first place, or is it just an example of brilliant trolling? "Considering Green Bay, it might very well be real," Rosenbaum said. Take that, Wisconsin!

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