Hastings man calls police, reports roommate for stealing ice cream

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It's not just an internet meme -- this actually happened in Hastings.
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As most everyone who has lived with roommates can attest, keeping your personal food supply free from plunder can be a constant battle.

"Hey! Who ate my frozen burritos? Fine, I'm taking these pizza rolls..." Next thing you know, nobody's stash of eats is safe.

But calling the cops to report one of your roommates for ganking some ice cream? It sounds awfully extreme, but a Hastings man did exactly that after his part of the freezer was raided.

From the Hastings Star-Gazette:
A man named Steve is being sought in Hastings after raiding his roommate's freezer while he moved out.

A caller said that his roommate, known only as Steve, was moving out of his residence in the 200 block of Sibley Street. As he was moving out, Steve apparently stole some of the man's ice cream.

The caller asked police to arrest and jail Steve, but the ice cream bandit could not be located.

The officer asked the caller how much ice cream had been stolen.

"Does it matter?" the caller replied.

The criminal offense was reported at 10:37 a.m. on Aug. 16.

The case remains under investigation.
Let's hope police aren't investigating too hard.

-- Hat-tip to David Brauer

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calling police for stealing makes a lot more sense than pursuing victimless crimes like drugs - sounds like the author is a thief himself


Call the Police for stolen ice cream??? This kids an ass!

Lola House
Lola House

Ha! Hastings has allllllll kinds...


@citypages I love my #911 #Police #Dispatch job! Never a dull day & the greatest coworkers!

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