Jason Vincent, KQDS news director, calls Native Americans "animals" on Facebook

Categories: Media beefs

All around the country, reporters are learning a dangerous lesson about Facebook: what's said there isn't private, and could cost you your job.

The latest is Jason Vincent, the news director at KQDS in Duluth, a FOX-affiliate. He's the author of the above post, which is currently causing a clamor.

The post reads:

Jason Vincent tried to be funny on Facebook and failed.
Add drunk, homeless, Native American man to the list of animals that have wandered into my yard ... Then he proceed to wave at me and give me the peace sign when he spotted me in the window.  Wow..."

Vincent has since deleted the post and apologized.

"I would never insult the Native American community, especially since I myself am Native.  I did not realize how poor the choice of words were I used until I looked back and saw what I had posted.  I sincerely apologize for my words and to anyone offended by them."

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