Jason Vincent, FOX TV director, resigns over Facebook post

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Jason Vincent, the FOX news director in Duluth who called a Native American an "animal" on Facebook, has resigned.

Vincent was on vacation when he made the ill-conceived remark. He likely had no idea that the tossed-off joke would cost him his job. But yesterday, KQDS management released a statement announcing Vincent's resignation.

"Today, KQDS FOX 21-TV accepted the resignation of Jason Vincent, News Director," reads the statement. "Jason has elected to take a new job assignment. We wish Jason the best."

The post that got him into trouble read:

Jason Vincent tried to be funny on Facebook and lost his job.
Add drunk, homeless, Native American man to the list of animals that have wandered into my yard ... Then he proceed to wave at me and give me the peace sign when he spotted me in the window.  Wow..."

Vincent deleted the post and apologized.

"I would never insult the Native American community, especially since I myself am Native.  I did not realize how poor the choice of words were I used until I looked back and saw what I had posted.  I sincerely apologize for my words and to anyone offended by them."

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I hate to defend this guy but I'm surprised he got fired.  I don't know him personally but its not like he has devoted his life to making racist statements against Native Americans.  He should have apologized and vowed to never do it again.  I would have had him meet with actual Native Americans and  take a sensitivity class to learn a little about the history and modern day situation of Native Americans.   Maybe that way some good could have come from this.   There is a differance between being a bigot idiot like Michele Bachmann and making a stupid comment like this guy did.    Let's see if the assholes that own KQDS actually do some outreach to Native Americans and cover their issues.  I bet they will go back to ignoring Native Americans.  What happened to this guy is bullshit.  Corporate bosses aren't to be trusted.  They fired this guy to make a story go away, they don't give one shit about Native Americans.  What a disgrace. 

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @MicheleBachmann I agree with not firing but the rest of your post is crap. Try living next to a res for awhile.  One might not be completely racist, but one might get frustrated with the situation. Try talking to people in Cloquet, Carlton, Mille Lacs or worse yet Red Lake.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland I grew up living on a rez actually so you can fuck off dumbass.  Why do you think I'm saying there needs to be more media attention about Native issues.  They are a screwed and forgotten people.  Why I like City Pages, they at least make an attempt to cover Native issues.

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