KSTP's Jay Kolls fires back at Rybak, doubles down on re-election claim

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- Mayor Rybak denies KSTP report that he may not seek re-election

We got an unexpected phone call yesterday from KSTP 5 Eyewitness news reporter Jay Kolls in response to our post about Mayor R.T. Rybak taking to Facebook to deny the station's claim that he was considering not running for re-election.

Kolls emphatically stands by his report. "Absolutely, 100% standing by it. He says it on tape!"

Mayor Rybak attacked KSTP's reporting in a Sunday night Facebook post that left little room for doubt.
"Wrong!" Rybak wrote the post linking to the KSTP report. "Gotta laugh when a reporter almost literally makes a story up by taking very neutral comments and a 'source' who doesn't know what their [SIC] talking about."

But Kolls says that it's as simple as listening to the KSTP tape of Rybak's own words.

Jay Kolls has a Facebook beef with Mayor Rybak
"If you're the reporter and he says to you, 'I don't know if I'm running again,' what do you do with it?" Kolls says. "I mean, he's the most popular mayor in 25 years, he's never hinted at not running for re-election again, he said it at the very end of the interview -- I played it at the end of my piece, not at the beginning, because I'm like, 'This is interesting!'"

So Kolls was surprised to awake Monday morning to see the news of Rybak trashing him on Facebook.

"I take great exception because his quote on his Facebook says I made it up," Kolls says. "I'm furious about that. You can say you disagree with tone, what the implied message was -- I get that crap all the time. But do not tell 10,000 followers on Facebook I made it up."

Mayor Rybak's office declined comment, saying, "We're just gonna let this one lie."

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