Kurt Bills' new ad takes Klobuchar's joke out of context, but what else do you expect? [VIDEO]

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Given our nearly $16 trillion in national debt, Bills doesn't think Klobuchar should be making jokes on the job.
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If "Quick Kurt" Bills is elected to the U.S. Senate, he promises to refrain from telling a single joke during a hearing until our nearly $16 trillion national debt is paid down.

Okay, Bills didn't say that, but it's the implication of his new campaign ad. The spot, entitled "I Wish You Wouldn't," takes umbrage with the fact that Amy Klobuchar had the audacity to try and make a funny during Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan's 2010 confirmation hearing. It doesn't, however, bother to explain how a Supreme Court confirmation hearing has anything to do with getting the United States back in the black.

Here's a transcript, followed by the footage:
[Cue footage of Klobuchar questioning Kagan during the hearing]
Klobuchar: "...I guess it means you missed the midnight debut of the third Twilight movie last night. We did not miss it in our household and it culminated in three 15-year-old girls sleeping over at 3 a.m... I keep wanting to ask you about the famous case of Edward v. Jacob, or the Vampire v. The Warehouse... "

Kagan, a phony-looking smile on her face, cuts Klobuchar off: "I wish you wouldn't."

[Meanwhile, the following text scrolls at the bottom of the ad] Twilight? Really? Senator, what about issues like the national debt? [It's] DOUBLED since you've been in office. Unemployment? DOUBLED... We wish you wouldn't either!

In a statement, Mike Osskopp, Bills' campaign manager, says, "Amy Klobuchar is a lightweight, but the problems facing our country are heavyweight. She wastes her time talking trivialities when the issues we face are dire." Osskopp goes on to criticize Klobuchar for not agreeing to debate Bills more than two times this campaign season.

Of course, if your political opponent was 26 points behind you in the polls and had raised a mere $65,000 compared to your $5.5 million, you'd probably want to keep the debates to a minimum, too.

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I find it completely relevant that our Senator wastes valuable time talking about her kids slumber party and a vampire, while she is supposed to be questioning the next supreme court justice....a rather important thing to do, before you approve of her.

swmnguy topcommenter

"ajn0592": I'm glad to hear from a former student of Mr. Bills.  And I'm glad to hear your opinion that the ad is just bad, and not a reflection on Mr. Bills' or his students' level of intelligence.  It is disappointing, though.  I don't think any politician should get an easy ride to re-election, or there's no point to the exercise.  I think maybe somebody gave Mr. Bills some bad advice, and talked him into taking the cutesy approach rather than going after something of substance.  I wish office-seekers would ignore these dreadful consultants who talk them out of doing anything intelligent.

swmnguy topcommenter

I don't get it.  Is this the only footage of Klobuchar Bills' campaign could find?  Is Bills suggesting that if he got the chance to ask a Supreme Court nominee and meaningless question he'd ask about Unemployment and the National Debt?  Does Mr. Bills understand that Supreme Court justices don't have a lot to do with those issues?  Maybe Mr. Bills has spent too much time around schoolkids.  But not the smart ones.  I showed my kids the ad and the 14 year-old, while rolling his eyes at the "Twilight" reference, asked, "What does this have to do with anything?  Why did he bother to make this ad at all?"  So a public-school 8th grade graduate has better campaign savvy than Kurt Bills.  Sigh. 


This is shocking. No other senator has even tried having a light moment during a supreme court nomination hearing, never! None! Well, all senators, but otherwise, none!


"takes Klobuchar's joke out of context" Well Aaron, why don't you provide us with the full transcript or video so we can see exactly what the context was supposed to be.


 @swmnguy As a student of Kurt Bills when he taught Economics at Rosemount High School, I can assure you the kids in my 6th hour Economics class were not dumb. In fact, some of the smartest kids in our graduating class were in that class with me. I don't agree that this ad is relevant, or even has a "point" but I can assure you that it wasn't the students he taught that had anything to do with "dumbing down the campaign".

atrupar moderator

 @DurpDurp Both a transcript and the video are there for you!


 @atrupar The video and the transcript of the Bills add is there. The author of this article claims Bills takes Klobuchar out of context. Generally with that charge, you would provide a full transcript of what happened (ostensibly removed or edited away from the ad) that would provide the reader the full context. This is sadly missing and it would have taken the author all of 30 seconds to find it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvXfS8xNpLA maybe a little longer to write it down. Perhaps the reason he didn't is because the quote isn't taken out of context at all. The quote happens almost at the start of Klobuchar's time and is preceded only by a welcome and you did really well under a hard day of questioning yesterday. It is followed by a question relating to judges being like an umpire calling balls and strikes.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @atrupar Oh that is typical of you Rupar and the rest of you in the liberal media!    You don't put the full transcript or the video up until a wise conservative points it out then you ad it to the story to make him look stupid.   This is is why liberals like you are also nazis.  We are sick of your islamofacist prohomo bias!    I bet if you met Obama you wouldn't even demand to see his birth certificate!    You are a monster.     Worst humans ever list:  1)Rupar  2) Obama  3) Hitler .      Vote Kurt Bills 2012.  He teaches high school economics people!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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