Mike Parry doubles down on Governor Dayton pill-popper accusation: Top 10 tweets

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Parry continues to claim he saw Dayton pop 15 or 16 pills during a meeting.
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Mike Parry won't apologize for calling Gov. Mark Dayton a drug addict. Instead, he's doubling down.

That's right kids -- Parry is standing by his claim that Dayton pops "15 or 16" pills during meetings. And, as you'd imagine, the Twitter-sphere isn't letting the U.S. Congress hopeful get away with uttering such seemingly preposterous statements without giving him grief in return. Below the jump, we take a look at the top 10 Twitter responses to Parry's surprising double-down.

10. Dayton responded to Parry's remarks this morning:

9. But Parry, asked to clarify his remarks, wouldn't back down:

8. Bob Hume, Dayton's deputy chief of staff, pointed out that Parry was embodying the height of hypocrisy in accusing the governor of being anti-veteran:

7. MNGOP Rep. John Kriesel, a veteran himself, took fellow veteran Parry to task:

6. After responding to the substance of Parry's allegation, Dayton blasted him:

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Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson

Would love to see the reactions of people here if this were a dem saying it about a repub.

True Allison
True Allison

FUCK you Parry FUCK YOU how dare you assume and try to say bad things about people with depression. You suck

Jean Claude Cau
Jean Claude Cau

It's medically referred to as TD. Tardive Dyskenesia.

Brian Mazur
Brian Mazur

...it would explan some of the looks on his face

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