Mike Parry laughed at during subcommittee hearing, told to "pop some pills!" [VIDEO]

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Parry, taking lots of heat from Democrats and onlookers, looked like he needed some pills during last Thursday's hearing.
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Mike Parry has built some Hindenburg-like momentum in advance of tomorrow's primary against Allen Quist.

Last Thursday, chairman Parry called a meeting of the Subcommittee on Employee Relations. The ostensible purpose of the meeting was to discuss contracts the Dayton administration negotiated with two unions representing nearly 28,000 state employees calling for a two percent across-the-board pay raise.

As you'd imagine, Parry and other Republicans aren't happy about the raise. But the issue of public employee compensation ended up taking a backseat to Parry himself, who ran the meeting like Kim Jong-il and ended up calling a recess after he was disrespected and laughed at both by Democrats on the subcommittee and by folks in the audience.

Here's a partial transcript of the hearing, followed by the video:
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Rep. Winkler didn't appreciate Parry's dictatorial tactics.
Sen. Parry: If there is any clapping, any hissing, anything like that... [clamoring in the audience] I will direct Capitol security to remove you.

Rep. Ryan Winkler, D-Golden Valley: Mr. Chair, if this was a committee hearing to discuss business taxation and the room were filled with businesses, I don't think you would be making threats at the outset of the hearing to tell them that if they made an untoward noise, including lagughing, that they would have to be ejected from the room. I think that you are not treating these people with respect, and I would just like to take a moment to welcome all of you...

Sen. Parry, interrupting: Excuse me, Representative Winkler, excuse me. I have said that to every committee meeting as a chairman, before I've started. And I will continue to do that. This is no disrespect for anyone who comes before my committee. They need to know my ground rules as the chairman. Are you clear on that, Representative Winkler?

Rep. Winkler: Mr. Chair, you threatened to clear the room when the audience laughed.

Sen. Parry: Exactly. And I will if it gets ruly again [sic], or out of control, I will adjourn, or take a recess and have the room cleared. That's my rules, for my committee. When you run a committee, Representative Winkler, you can have your rules. But until you do, we'll live by my rules in this committee...

[Later in hearing] Rep. Leon Lillie, D-North St. Paul: Mr. Chair, you know, you keep running this meeting... [someone had a question] and you would pile on with your own little question, now Representative Winkler had a question and you kinda editorialize, you know, is this, is that how you work it in the Senate? I don't think chairs in the House do that. Is that kinda, is that allowed in the Senate?

Sen. Parry: When you're chair it is.

Rep. Lillie: So all is good and fair in love and war in the Senate.

Sen. Parry: I guess that's what it is.

Rep. Lillie: It's probably a blessing you're down to your last three meetings. I figure you'll milk this for three days of per diem perhaps.

Sen. Parry: We'll take a ten minute recess.

According to the Star Tribune, someone in the audience bellowed "Pop some pills!" after Parry called for the 10-minute cooling-off period.

Following the unconstructive hearing, Parry promised reporters he'd take some questions outside the Capitol, but ended up stiffing them. Feeling stood up, the Star Tribune's Jennifer Brooks left the embattled Congress hopeful a note on his truck:

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swmnguy topcommenter

That clip's pretty awesome, actually.  It's hard to watch, but very telling.  When a man has so obviously earned the contempt of his colleagues it needs to be known.  And the incredible fool on the committee who spouts off that public employees are not taxpayers also needs to be exposed for utter partisan dishonesty and idiocy as well.  State Legislatures have long been sinkholes of vicious ignoramuses, but today's Minnesota Legislature has far more than we deserve.  They're wildly over-represented in St. Paul right now.

swmnguy topcommenter

Mike Parry is an inspiration to us all.  He proves that if you set your mind to it and work your very hardest, you can do what everybody thought was impossible.  For instance, I thought it was impossible to make Allen Quist look like a reasonable, sane, senior-statesman type.  Mike Parry has achieved that.

Kevin Green
Kevin Green

Deserves to be made fun of and laughed out of office before they get the cattle cars rolling the ovens the camps the showers going again....

Kevin Green
Kevin Green

Dictatorial fascist zero tolerance goosestepping Seig Heiler!


Speaking of taxpayers... These are the people WE ARE paying to run our government. Bickering and fighting like spoiled little rich kids on the playground. No wonder nothing ever gets done / accomplished. The system is broken.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I'm surprised a stupid racist douchebag like Mike Parry is also an asshole.   I hope every voter sees how Mike Parry treats the people he is supposed to be helping.  What a disgrace.  The Republicans have lost their minds.  Vote DFL in 2012.

Randall Douglas
Randall Douglas

Who knew a subcommittee hearing could be so entertaining? I think he should put on a wrestling mask and stand on the desk and challenge anyone in the room to 'come up here.'

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