Minneapolis is one of the best cities for 20-somethings, says PayScale

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Minneapolis is one of the best cities for young adults looking to make money early in their careers, PayScale found.
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Minneapolis is one of the best places for young adults to start their careers, according to a PayScale.com study.

The City of Lakes ranked third overall in the "Best Gen Y Cities" study, coming in behind first-place Seattle and Houston.

PayScale recently surveyed a half-million 19- to 29-year-olds about their salaries, wage increases over the past three years, commute times, and percentage of coworkers in their age range. Minneapolis stood out because of relatively short commute times combined with a high number of Gen Yers in the workforce.

The median pay for 19- to 29-year-olds here is $42,800. While that's a strong figure, it's significantly less than San Francisco's $51,300 Gen Y median pay, though the cost of living difference certainly eats away most if not all of San Fran's advantage in that area.

It should also be noted that the study didn't factor in whether Gen Yers actually like all their similarly aged coworkers. After all, what good is being roughly the same age if your colleagues are no fun to be around?

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