MN for Marriage seeks removal of fair vendor who said she spit in Vote Yes guy's lemonade

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A young woman named Caiti Weber got herself in some hot water with a possibly-in-jest tweet she offered up late Saturday morning.

In yet another example of be-careful-what-you-say-on-social-media, Weber said she spit in a man's lemonade because he was wearing a Vote Yes (on the same-sex marriage ban) button. She later said she was joking and deleted the tweets, but not before Andy Parrish of Minnesota for Marriage vowed to report her to State Fair officials.

Here's Weber's now-deleted tweet:
caiti weber tweets.png

Weber, who describes herself as a pro-gay marriage Catholic, later tweeted that she was stationed at the lemonade stand outside the food building near the Skyride.

As criticism began to trickle in, she was initially defiant: But yesterday, her initial tweet was brought to Parrish's attention, and this morning he announced that Minnesota for Marriage plans to ask officials for Weber's removal:In addition to her initial tweet, Weber claims she deleted another that said: "Kidding. But I thought about it."

"For the record, I didn't even do it. It was a joke," she said in an exchange with a same-sex marriage supporter. "But stop picking fights with people you don't even know. If you knew me you'd know that I wouldn't do that."

We'll let you know what action, if any, fair officials take against Weber.

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