Randy Shaver bike accident: KARE 11 anchor breaks arm, bruises face in crash [PHOTO]

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Twin Cities TV anchors have had a tough time with their bikes this summer.
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Randy Shaver is off the air indefinitely after breaking his arm and bruising his handsome face in a Tuesday morning bike accident.

Shaver, a KARE 11 TV personality since 1983, usually goes for a three-mile run each morning. But yesterday he decided to change his routine and go for his first bike ride of the season. It turned out to be a regrettable choice.

From KARE:
Randy says he was going at a good clip, not too fast though, when he came around a corner and saw the teen stopped right in front of him.

At that point, Randy said he had two choices; hit the boy or hit his brakes. Randy got on his brakes as hard as possible, while he didn't hit the teen, the momentum carried him over the handlebars. He landed face-first on the pavement and was stunned for about 10 seconds.

At that point, Randy says he realized what had happened; his left arm was broken and his face bleeding.
So Randy wasn't biking too fast and crashed only because he wanted to avoid the teen at all costs? What a hero! (Kidding aside, we wish him a speedy recovery.)

Shaver walked home and was taken to the hospital. KARE reports that he shouldn't need surgery on his left arm, which is broken near the elbow, but there is no timeframe for his return to TV.

Courtesy of KARE, here's a photo of Shaver after his accident:

randy shaver injured full sq.jpg

If you'd like to wish Randy well while he's recovering, you can do so at KARE 11's Facebook page.

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