The 190-foot-high State Fair swing gets stuck for second time in as many days [PHOTOS]

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swing stuck fri.jpg
KARE 11 on Twitter
What goes up must come down, but in this case, you hope it's on your terms.
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The State Fair swing is stuck way up high for the second time in as many days, meaning you officially couldn't pay me to get on that thing.

The 190-foot-high Stratosphere Swing stranded riders more than 100 feet above the ground for 45 minutes yesterday. Based on the photo at the top of this post (shared by KARE 11 on Twitter), It looks to be stuck at a similarly high elevation this morning. On the bright side (Iiterally), riders are still enjoying a sunny bird's-eye view of the city as I write this.

Here's a look at riders sitting and probably being scared while the swing was jammed yesterday:

swing stuck thurs.jpg
Brian Oake on Twitter

Talk about getting your money's worth!

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