Three Blind Mice leads to music man's ejection during Twins minor league game [VIDEO]

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Following Dye's ejection, fans took it upon themselves to call out the players' names when they came to bat.
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Umpire Mario Seneca wasn't going to take any guff from the music man during a Wednesday night game involving a Twins minor league affiliate.

In a move that seemingly has no precedent, Seneca ejected the PA announcer after he played Three Blind Mice to protest a controversial call at first base that went against the Dayton Cubs, who were hosting the Fort Myers Miracle, the Class A affiliate of the Twins.

The man behind the dials that night was Derek Dye, a college intern from the University of Illinois. After Dayton Cubs manager and former Twin Brian Harper argued a first base call, Dye decided to show his solidarity by playing a vocal-less version of the infamous English nursery rhyme. Seconds later, Seneca turned around, faced the press box, and tossed him, demanding that the remaining ballpark staff "turn the sound off the rest of the night."

Dye told CBS he "couldn't believe [Seneca] was talking to me."

"Not the manager, the guy arguing the call, [but] the guy pressing the button on the music," he added. "Interns getting ejected has got to be a first."

The ejection caused the Cubs' TV announcer to go bananas. He yelled, "That's awesome! That is absolutely awesome! Derek Dye was ejected from the game! Wow! That is so cool! That is unbelievable!"

Check out the footage for yourself:

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