Todd Hoffner dealt with sex photo scandal while coaching at UW-Eau Claire

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The child porn charges aren't the first time Hoffner has been involved in a sex footage scandal.
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MSU-Mankato head football coach Todd Hoffner faces two felonies after allegedly shooting pornographic videos of his three young children. But it turns out this isn't the first time coach Hoffner has been involved in a scandal involving homemade media of a sexual nature.

Prior to coming to MSU in 2008, Hoffner spent seven seasons as head coach at UW-Eau Claire. And in 2004, he dealt with a scandal involving two players who had conspired to take an illicit picture of one of them having sex with a female student. The picture was then circulated around the internet via email.

Then-sophomores Jacob Dettmer, 19, and Ryan Schulz, 19, were originally charged with felonies for "possessing and distributing a recording of nudity." They later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct.

From UW-Eau Claire's official student newspaper, The Spectator (hat-tip to Nick Halter):
Sophomores Jacob Dettmer, 19, and Ryan Schulz, 19, were originally charged May 20 with Class I felony counts of possessing and distributing a recording of nudity. The charges carried a maximum penalty of three-and-a-half years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

According to the report filed with the Eau Claire Police Department, Dettmer had consensual sex March 4 with a female Eau Claire student in Towers Hall North. The woman said she believed Schulz, Dettmer's roommate, was asleep in his lofted bed. While having sex, the woman saw a flash in the room. Dettmer told her his roommate often used a flashlight at night. A few days later, the woman learned that a nude photo of her having sex with Dettmer was being circulated on the Internet.

When she reported the incident, the woman told police she did not consent to having her picture taken or distributed.
Hoffner's punishment of the two players involved amounted to a slap on the wrist -- he "reduced their playing time" but didn't suspend either of them.

In the wake of the shocking child porn allegations, UW-Eau Claire has actually launched an independent investigation into Hoffman's conduct while he was coach there from 1999 through 2005.

Teresa O'Halloran, Affirmative Action Director at UW-Eau Claire, told WEAU TV that "It's not that we anticipate something is gonna be there, but these are really serious allegations, so if there's something we missed while he was here we need to know about it now."

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How the hell do they state he was involved in this scandal...he was simply the coach of the players who were INVOLVED in the scandal... Rupar you are a fucking tool.

swmnguy topcommenter

This is new news, and sheds a very bad light on Hoffner.  It doesn't prove his guilt in the current matter, but it does provide some context.  Actually, this is almost exactly the same as an incident I knew of that happened among football players at Southwest State (Minnesota) when I was a student there in the very early 1980's.  There they used a Polaroid camera.  Not only was that swept under the rug, but the girl disappeared.  She didn't just leave school, leave the campus; she left the area.  And she was from there too.


This kind of crap has run rampant among the macho, rural, sports culture for at least the 30 years of my experience of such things.  If Hoffner was involved at UW-Eau Claire, he deserves to get the hammer for it.  He may be one of these people who doesn't believe the same rules apply to him as apply to others.  I know I have read about people who are in prison because Wal-Mart clerks thought their pictures of their naked kids in the bathtub were "porn", and ambitious local prosecutors used that to make a name for themselves.  When my kids were little, we made sure to never take, or keep, pictures that could be misinterpreted in such ways.  If Hoffner hasn't figured that out by now, especially with that disgraceful incident in Eau Claire, maybe there is something wrong with him.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

What a dickhead.  I hope they fire whoever hired this creep because it sounds like whoever hired him didn't give a crap this guy didn't punish scumbags.

Tyler Morris
Tyler Morris

Its used to refer to any school in the University of Wisconsin system.

Pat O'Dalaigh
Pat O'Dalaigh

"UW" is typically used to refer to THE 'UW' (UW-Madison) and not Eau Claire.

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