Todd Hoffner's wife says her husband is innocent of child porn charges

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What authorities take to be child porn are just "typical family videos," Melodee Hoffner said.
-- Todd Hoffner, MSU-Mankato football coach, allegedly shot sex videos of his own young kids
-- Todd Hoffner dealt with sex photo scandal while coaching at UW-Eau Claire

This morning, Melodee Hoffner, wife of MSU-Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner, held a press conference and said her husband is innocent of allegations he shot sexual videos of the couple's three young children.

Melodee characterized the felony child porn charges as a "rush to judgment," saying the clips found on her husband's cell phone are just "normal, typical family videos" of their kids "in all their craziness."

Authorities said one of the three clips shows Hoffner waking up his young daughter and telling her to go to the bathroom. As she gets up and starts walking, the camera focuses in on her underwear-clad butt in an allegedly sexual way.

But Melodee said her husband shot that video because their daughter sleepwalks without recollection of doing so. The video was simply intended to document that, she said.

Melodee said she was stunned when Todd was arrested last week. She said she works as a counselor and knows all about abusive behavior, adding that her husband would never abuse any child.

At the end of the press conference, she became emotional and said her husband misses his players. She urged authorities to reconsider the charges before ending the presser without taking questions.

Hoffner posted $40,000 bail last week and remains free. MSU-Mankato placed him on paid leave days before he was arrested.

If convicted of the felony child porn charges, Hoffner faces at least 10 years in prison.

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swmnguy topcommenter

I don't think it's wise to take the Prosecutor's word at face value in a case like this. I don't know why Prosecutors are allowed to take to the airwaves to make sensational accusations from mundane evidence and taint jury pools without any sort of professional repercussions, but they do it all the time and we should have learned by now to take these antics with large blocks of salt.


Google "Kathleen Morris Scott County" if you're too young to remember the Scott County travesty.  That madwoman charged people of doing things that could not possibly have happened and directed a national media frenzy that coerced people into pleading guilty to charges they could not possibly have been guilty of, because their attorneys advised them that the jury pools had been so tainted they could not possibly receive a fair trial and would be sentenced to longer terms than murderers--for things that could not have happened on this earth, if we understand physics at all.  And she's still on the job in Scott County, if that isn't completely terrifying.


You could Google the McMartin Preschool trial, which might be the most outrageous case of prosecutorial misconduct in American history.  Or just look up the Wikipedia article on "Day-care sex-abuse hysteria," which sums it up pretty well.  The well-documented cases of photo clerks (not just at Wal-Mart) wildly over-reacting, egged on by prosecutors, are many.


Child sex abuse is a horrible thing.  I can say that as a Dad, and also as someone who has known a couple of victims.  But unfortunately it is also a sure-fire reputation-maker for prosecutors and some people with very weird agendas who act out damage they received in childhood, in the role of child counselors.  This stuff is catnip to ambitious prosecutors and messed-up crusaders; the best gig since an ancestor of mine was hanged at Salem Mass. in 1692.  Even Communist-hunting didn't have the visceral impact of this awful stuff.


I have a family member who is an attorney who has dealt with some of these cases.  Some are the most awful things I have ever heard.  But also he has had cases where stuff has been made up out of thin air, and fabricated by those supposedly helping children and families.  This stuff is so disgusting, it attracts very ill people; both perpetrators and those who think they are helping "victims," whom they come to see everywhere. 


Let's reserve judgment until this guy has had some due process.  Then if it turned out he did even a fraction of what the prosecutor says, let's pile on in due righteousness.

Al Nowatzki
Al Nowatzki

This should not be filed under "sex."

Al Nowatzki
Al Nowatzki

This should not be filed under "sex."

Al Nowatzki
Al Nowatzki

This should not be filed under "sex."

David Lutchen
David Lutchen

Sure, having kids bent over showing their anus is "normal family pictures"

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