Tsuyoshi Nishioka brutal error: Twins megabust botches first play back in bigs [VIDEO]

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"Nishioka is the greatest scouting disaster since Little Bighorn," writes one Twins observer.
-- Joe Mauer has the second-worst contract in baseball, says Yahoo!
-- Minnesota Twins have increased in value more than any other pro sports franchise since 2000

It didn't take Tsuyoshi Nishioka long to remind Twins fans why he spent the first four months of the 2012 season in the minor leagues. In fact, it took just one play.

On Monday, Cleveland Indians leadoff hitter Jason Kipnis hit a routine grounder to Nishioka, who was playing second base during his big league return. But Nishi, bringing back bad memories of a brutal error during his first ever MLB game last season, botched it, juggling the ball before falling to the ground and flinging it somewhere in the vicinity of first base.

Here's the footage:

That wasn't the end of it -- he committed another error later in the game. So for those of you keeping score at home, through two games this season the 2010 Japanese league batting champion has two errors and zero hits in 10 at-bats. His futility will earn him $3 million.

Nish didn't deserve his call-up to the bigs. At AAA Rochester, he hit a putrid .245 with no power, barely better than his .226-with-poor-defense production at the MLB level last year. But with the team on the hook to pay him $3 million next season and no better young options in the minors, there's little to lose in giving Nishi one last shot.

Such is the plight of the 2012 Minnesota Twins.

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Although I love the .gifs of music festivals CP has been posting lately, a series of Nishi's errors in .gif form would be epic.

Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen

he,ll be alright. just give him more reps

Al Cady
Al Cady

Looked like something out of the Bad News Bears.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I actually feel sorry for Nishi.  Poor guy.  There is no way he is this bad.  With the divorce and all this failure he must be a wreck mentally.   A 7th grader makes that play, I hope he gets some help.  I'd send him to see a shrink.

Chad R. Caruthers
Chad R. Caruthers

was that play on the vid real or some sort of spoof? good grief.

Mark Fangmeier
Mark Fangmeier

In Nishi's defense, he did get the game winning RBI last night.

Dan Engelhart
Dan Engelhart

Wow that is terrible. Get this guy out of here.

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