Twin Cities Metro Magazine shutting down; editor says news "wasn't a surprise" [UPDATE]

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Metro Magazine's next issue will be its last.
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Twin Cities Metro Magazine is shutting down and will publish its last edition this September, according to Hot Dish and Lavender contributor Joy Summers. That information was later confirmed by a Metro freelancer and Metro Editor in Chief Dana Raidt.

Summers said she heard rumors about Metro's demise earlier this week from some of the staff at Lavender. She placed a call to Metro's parent company, Tiger Oak Publications, and a receptionist confirmed that Metro is in the process of shutting down operations.

The freelancer said she received a call from Raidt this morning letting her know that Metro's next issue will be its last. Raidt just got the news herself from Tiger Oak yesterday, Perry said.

This afternoon, City Pages received a call from Raidt, who has been with Metro for two years and worked as Editor in Chief since this January. Asked whether she was surprised by yesterday's news about her magazine's impending demise, she replied, "I don't know if surprised is the right word."

"We've known things are a little rough lately," Raidt added. "It totally makes sense [Tiger Oak] wants to put its time and effort into publications that are doing well financially."

The final issue of Metro will commemorate the magazine's sixth anniversary. "It's kind of fitting, but also kind of sad," Raidt said.

Metro staff includes four full-timers and many more part-time freelance employees. Raidt said some Metro employees might be shifted to other Tiger Oak publications, but the specifics are "still up in the air."

This afternoon, Tiger Oak published a press release officially announcing the end of Twin Cities Metro Magazine. Click to the next page to read it.

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