Two homicides in Minneapolis over weekend

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The first incident occurred early Saturday morning in north Minneapolis.
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    In what appear to be unrelated incidents, two men were shot to death over the weekend in separate neighborhoods in Minneapolis, marking the city's 19th and 20th homicides of the year.

    The first incident occurred early Saturday morning on the 2100 block of Penn Avenue North. Police showed up around 3:00 a.m. to find two men had been shot. One was pronounced dead on scene, the other brought to North Memorial Medical Center, and is expected pull through, according to police.

  • Police didn't release the name of the man killed, but the Star Tribune has identified him as 21-year-old Lavalle Ja'ron Priest.

    Later Saturday night, police responded to a call of shots fired in south Minneapolis, and found a man lying on the intersection of 22nd Street East and Portland Avenue South. The man had apparently been shot in the hallway of a nearby apartment, KSTP reports. He died at Hennepin County Medical Center around 9:00 p.m. Saturday.

    No suspects have been charged in either case. For a comprehensive look at where this year's homicides have occurred, here's an update version of last week's 2012 murder map:

    View Minneapolis youth violence in a larger map

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    Alex Anderson
    Alex Anderson

    The nickname never left in the first place, Jeremy.


    Notice that these murders happened in Minneapolis' classiest of neighborhoods.  

    Jeremy Hop
    Jeremy Hop

    Let's not recoin that nasty monkier


    @keny1 so were the Brian Smith murders remember

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