Wisconsin highway covered with 200 gallons of honey

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Honey Spill Wisconsin.jpg
Photo courtesy of Wisconsin State Patrol.
200 gallons of honey required a major cleanup effort in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin State Patrol had to deal with a rather large and sticky mess this morning.

Nearly 200 gallons of honey spilled onto Highway 23 in Fond du Lac, reported WISN Milwaukee. A bee farmer lost several 55-gallon drums while turning onto Highway 41 South from Highway 23 East, according to the Wisconsin State Patrol. 

Though it took only about two hours, the cleanup wasn't easy, Clint Beck, an inspector with the Wisconsin State Patrol, told us.

"We had the fire department come out and take some shovels to scrape it off, and then they took the power washers to it," Beck said. "We walked very carefully, but the fire department had honey all over their boots."

Sand is expected to be brought it to soak up any extra honey, according to WISN.

Still, it might take some members of the patrol a while to recover.

"It was a strange sight," Beck said. "This is the certainly the first time I've ever seen honey spilled all over a highway."

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