Wisconsin is stupid, says Google auto-complete

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Illinoisans and Googlers think alike.
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Minnesota is awesome. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is stupid.

Or so say Googlers. Today, the Washington Post published a cool map depicting blogger Renee DiResta's work. DiResta typed "Why is [state fill-in-the-blank] so..." and documented the top four auto-completes.

Here's a look at the top results, from number one on the top to number four at the bottom, for Minnesota and our midwestern brethren.

Why is Minnesota so...
-- liberal
-- windy
-- humid
-- awesome

Why is Wisconsin so...
-- stupid
-- warm this winter
-- cold
-- humid

Why is Iowa so...
-- liberal
-- important in the presidential election
-- humid
-- boring

Why is North Dakota so...
-- cold
-- flat
-- windy
-- damn sexy boring

Why is South Dakota so...
-- windy
-- poor
-- [no further results. Poor South Dakota]

Clearly, a lot of people have misconceptions about Wisconsin. After all, how the hell could "Why is Wisconsin so drunk?" not crack the list?

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