Bradlee Dean shows up at RNC, poses with... Tom Brokaw? [PHOTOS]

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You can almost see the thought bubble above Cain's head: 'Who the hell is this guy?'
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Last week, Bradlee Dean and his trusted sidekick, Jake 'homosexual lifestyle literally kills gays' Macaulay, showed up at the RNC. In an instance of questionable word choice, the dynamic duo characterized their mission as "reminding the GOP of their duty to our posterity!"

Dean and Macaulay documented their RNC adventure with photos and videos on The Sons of Liberty's Facebook page. Notably, none of the photos capture Dean and Macaulay with anyone of significance from the MNGOP. As longtime Dean-watcher Ken Avidor notes, not even Michele Bachmann posed for a shot with the homo-hatin' tracksuit wearin' preacher.

Dean and Macaulay did get some facetime with a handful of political luminaries, though. In fact, in a surprising display of bipartisanship, Dean actually posed with media legend and noted left-leaner Tom Brokaw. Here's the photographic evidence:

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One wonders if Brokaw has any idea who Dean is or what he stands for...

Wrote Dean of his encounter with Brokaw: "Fortunately Liking him was not the issue influencing with Truth was. That is our job at The Sons of Liberty. Frankly spending time with our kids is more appealing than spending time at RNC." In a humorous twist, the photo is included in the album, "Tom Brokaw gets to meet Bradlee Dean." We're sure the pleasure was all his!

As you'd expect, Dean and Macaulay spent most of their time interacting with conservatives. Here they are with former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee:

huckabee dean.jpg

But is Dean tiring of his own schtick? Comments Bradlee made during an RNC interview with radio host Bryan Fischer suggest he might be.

"I'll tell you what, there's a day that I can't wait for," Dean told Fischer in a moment of unprompted candor. "It's when I can wear a nice suit, and have a nice haircut, because I'm literally sick of all this Bryan. I really am."

Ditching the tracksuit and rockstar-of-yesteryear pony for a cleaned-up look? Say it ain't so, Bradlee!

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