Brett Favre pubes salesman shares most hilarious correspondence with would-be buyers

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Not my pubes, the Ol' Gunslinger says.
Put your credit cards away, folks -- the Brett Favre pubes sale that took Craigslist by storm last week was a hoax.

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In a Wednesday blog post entitled "No Country For Old Pubes," the person behind the purported sale writes that he came up with the idea as a way to test the limits of sports fans' fanaticism. Would they shell out good money for an ex-quarterback's alleged naughty hairs?

Turns out, they would. And thankfully for those of us who like to chuckle, MJR shared some of the best correspondence from would-be pube purchasers:
"I'm not a crazy person or anything."

"Listen im not crazy or anything I just want the pubes."

"Look I'm not a weirdo I just think this is awesome and I gotta have it."

"I am extremely interested in Brett Favres pubes."

"Can you call me ASAP my name is Mark and I'm a HUGE Vikes fan."


"I really would love to have this treasure, so I would be willing to make a trade for them."

"I live in Bloomington and wil lpay the $200 aksing. Can meet tonight or tomorrow."

"200 cash I'm in Edina I can meet you anywhere in half an hour."

"50 bucks. I'll meet you anywhere. Right now. Let's do it."

"I think it would be cool to add to my Vikes collection."

"Do these come with a certificate of authenticity?"

"Do you have a DNA test?"

"Do you have a better pictuer?

"Are you really Jenn Sterger?"

"Are you Brett Favre?"

"Are they grey?"

"I am wondering if you or your brother knows anyone who still works in the equipments rooms of an NFL or NCAA football team who could get their hands on game-used compression shorts or jockstraps. I'd be willing to pay big money for such items. Discretion guaranteed (for everyone's sake)."
Craigslist took down the ad about a day after it was posted, but MJR claims he had no interest in actually bagging $200 for "some hair from a dark patch on my dog's tail."

In his blog post, he reflects on lessons learned from pube-gate:
At best, I've put forth an amusing prank that spotlights our advanced mania for sports heroes and internet commerce. At worst, I came close to selling some hair from a dark patch on my dog's tail for $200 to some idiot. Either way I learned something--don't know what it is, but I learned something. The goal was never to swindle anyone so I didn't sell the goods, but now that I've come clean I am lowering the price to a cool $20. A friend pointed out to me that someone has probably brought this to Favre's attention by now. I can't picture Brett using the internet, so I imagine him on his riding mower when a svelte assistant in Wrangler cut off jean shorts walks across his lawn and shows him the story on an iPad. I picture Brett shaking his head, lighting a cigarette, and riding off into a lake.
Need a quick buck? All you need is a creative idea, a Craigslist post, and a willingness to swindle people, apparently.

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