Brett Favre's pubes for sale for $200 (or best offer) on Minneapolis Craigslist

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favre pubes rect.jpeg
Brett's pube seller: The equipment staff "took Favre's uniform and pads from his locker and noticed his jock strap had more than the usual amount of pubic hair left in it."
-- Brett Favre's penis revealed by Deadspin [UPDATE]
-- Brett Favre will have to testify under oath about "bad intentions" sexting

Who needs a game-worn jersey when you can have game-worn pubes?

Today, a Craigslist poster in Minneapolis is testing the proposition that you can sell anything on the internet -- he or she is hawking Brett Favre's alleged pubes for $200... or the best offer.

Thankfully, as you can see at the top of this post,  the Ol' Gunslinger's short 'n' curlies (as Deadspin so eloquently characterizes them) come safely enclosed in a plastic bag. Though after all Favre put his groin area through during the latter part of his career, you might want the additional protection of a Hazmat suit if you have 200 bucks to blow on a bag of sweaty, disgusting hairs.

Interested in stimulating the economy? Here's the Craigslist post (click to enlarge):
favre pubes.JPG

Note how the pube bag is meticulously labeled with Favre's name and the date on which the sample was collected. It suggests that this "equipment manager" might have a whole collection of player pubes stowed away somewhere, doesn't it?

"These are game-worn pubes from a living legend, and they aren't going to a Green Bay fan." Purple Pride!

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