Chris Fields calls on Keith Ellison to fire someone over 'coked out James Brown' gaffe

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Fields thinks someone working for Ellison should lose their job over the ill-advised tweet.
-- Keith Ellison deletes 'Nothing like coke addicted James Brown to close GOP convention' tweet
-- Chris Fields: I didn't call Keith Ellison a reverse racist in "reverse racism" ad

Last Friday, Keith Ellison said he wasn't the author of a controversial Thursday night tweet sent from his official Twitter account, but he apologized nonetheless.

The tweet said, "Nothing like 80's coke addicted James Brown to close out a Republican convention." Hours later, Ellison followed up with, "I didn't author tweet re James Brown last nite, but I apologize. I'm a JB fan. Also, I would never denigrate anyone in recovery."

Before Ellison's apology, the staffer responsible for the tweet said, "I work for Rep Ellison & tweeted from this acct a comment about James Brown. Rep Ellison did not send tweet & I apologize for the error." But despite numerous requests for the staffer to identify him- or herself, their name hasn't been revealed.

Republican Chris Fields, Ellison's November challenger, chalks it up as just another instance of Ellison's alleged accountability deficiency.

In a statement entitled "Fields Responds to Ellison Twitter Gaffe," Fields said, "No one in [Ellison's] office will be fired over this because he doesn't believe in accountability. He has set such a bad example and he has no [one] to blame but himself."

Elsewhere in the statement, Fields references the irony of Ellison, a politician who has repeatedly called for more civility and tolerance in politics, repeatedly getting himself in trouble over incendiary tweets. In April, the congressman retweeted a message calling Mitt Romney "A heartless douchebag who doesn't like animals or small children." Ellison's communications director later claimed the retweet was accidental.

Said Fields:
These types of comments from the Ellison camp stun no one because people are used to Keith Ellison tossing grenades and using toxic language, that's unbecoming of an elected official. They are also use to Ellison saying one thing and doing another. On multiple occasions Congressman Ellison has called for civility in politics. He has failed to live up to his own call.
"Small minds produce malicious tweets," Fields concluded. "Leaders work together to produce big solutions."

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Lets see if Ellison responds...DOUBT IT. This is nothing new...a complete unwillingness to take accountability. It is also very sad that this is the type of behavior a congressman encourages in his staff. Disgraceful.

Brett Verlyn Scriver
Brett Verlyn Scriver

That's between Keith Ellison and his employee. None of the business of the public.

Chris Pederson
Chris Pederson

I'm tired of the irrationalness of the internet.. the second anyone makes any sort of mistake the internet screams 'FIRE THEM'.. Calm down people. But I wouldn't let that person make anymore tweets.

Kris Vruno Huson
Kris Vruno Huson

It was very egregious and points to the danger of letting an unseasoned communicator get the keys to drive your messaging machine. I might can someone who did that, but then again I have trust issues and wouldn't let a novice run my social media.

swmnguy topcommenter

Chris who?  Sure, Ellison has a reputation as something of a jerk, but he's nowhere near Bachmann territory.  But who is this Chris Fields guy?  Does he have anything to say for himself, or is he just picking off low-hanging fruit?

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @nordeastaj You would prefer the staffer gets fired?   killed?   Grow a brain stupid if you think this is a big deal.   Nothing more pathetic than a Republican faking outrage.   Ellison apologized, only a loser like Chris Fields and you would expect more.  Your words offended me.  You should quit your job idiot. 

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