Ex-Twin Jason Repko makes "the catch of the year, and it's not even close" [VIDEO]

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Playing in the minors doesn't stop Repko from putting his body on the line.
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Jason Repko is currently in the minor leagues playing for Boston's AAA affiliate, but on Sunday, he made a play that would be good for Catch of the Year on any level.

Repko, a Twins backup last season and in 2010, robbed fellow former big leaguer Kosuke Fukudome of a grand slam with a leaping, tumble-over-the-fence grab.

The snag was so unbelievable, it immediately prompted the announcer for the Pawtucket-Scranton/Wilkes-Barre game to exclaim "That's the catch of the year, and it's not even close!"

Here's the footage:

Baseball nerds might be curious: What's the rule when a ball is caught and carried out of play like that? According to Deadspin, Repko was credited with a catch, the play was declared dead, and the runners advanced one base. Which means Fukudome was actually credited with an RBI on the play. But, especially in the context of minor league baseball, what's one run compared to the mountain of style points Repko accrued with his unbelievable grab?

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Tim Burkhardt
Tim Burkhardt

It was a good grab.. but there's been some pretty spectacular Knight catches over the years... I can think of a couple that come to mind. Perhaps a recounting of them? J. Irlbeck at the Brennan down the left field laid out for a backhand grab of a fly ball (5-6 years ago?) More?


Can't argue. RT @panopticon13 Ex-Twin Jason Repko makes "the catch of the year, and it's not even close" [VIDEO] http://t.co/W7e1p3v2

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