Fourth case of pig-borne flu linked to the Minnesota State Fair

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Vicky TGAW
Four people at the State Fair may have gotten the flu from hanging around pigs too long. 

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After all the precautions the State Fair took to guard against the new flu strain in the state, four cases of the flu have been linked to the fair.

Yesterday, health officials linked the fourth case, a teenage boy who was exhibiting pigs at the fair and came down with influenza symptoms a couple days later, according to the Pioneer Press.

The boy has not been hospitalized and is on the way to recovery, according to health department spokesperson Buddy Ferguson.

"There was at least one pig [at the fair] who was positive for H1N2v," Ferguson told the Pi Press. "Genetically, it was a match for the strain we were seeing in human patients."

The four cases linked to the fair all involve patients who spent a lot of time in the Swine Barn and all four recovered quickly, according to the Star Tribune

Minnesota health officials have been vigilant about the H3N2 flu strain that hit Minnesota last month and infected approximately 300 people. Though the strain is similar to the seasonal flu, the flu virus can mutate quickly when it moves from one species to the next.

The four state fair cases involve a different strain, known as H1N2, according to the Strib.

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