Ganja growing wild on St. Paul city property

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Wild pot? Guess we don't give St. Paul enough credit.
Why go to the trouble of growing at home when you can just walk down to the railroad tracks in southern St. Paul?

-- Michael Biskey, south Mpls resident, could get 10 years for having a bunch of pot in his garage
-- White Bear Township pot grow-op: Family busted "just trying to grow a little weed" [UPDATE]

St. Paul resident Rick Cheney was recently hiking in that part of town when he noticed plants that looked to be marijuana growing wild in three separate locations. "I was shocked at how much of it there was," he told KSTP.

KSTP went down there, "picked some samples" and sent them to a U of M lab for analysis. The lab confirmed the plants were cannabis, and a toxicology lab confirmed the presence of THC.

But before you ask exactly where these patches are and whether I'll give you a ride over there in exchange for a bag of Cheetos, you should know that KSTP decided to contact the St. Paul Police. Here's what happened next:
When told of the findings, Sgt. Paul Paulos said, "We will take the appropriate actions to destroy those plants."

Police asked the city public works department to cut down dozens of plants in one of the areas that Rick Cheney stumbled upon, believed to be city property.

Dave Hunt, who spoke on behalf of public works, said, "We crushed it and mixed it with other vegetable matter and it's been turned into compost."

The city determined that the plants found in a second area, by some railroad tracks, were on land owned by the Soo Line Railroad Company. It pulled and disposed of them as well.

And in the third spot where the plants were found, turns out that land is owned by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The state mowed them down.
Bummer, dude, but in the age of hydroponics, who really wants to smoke ditchweed anyway?

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Hemp used to grow wild all over Greater Minnesota. Terrific pheasant cover and it made the goldfinches happy.

Tim Barbeau
Tim Barbeau

hahaha I thought the patch along the Ayd Mill road train tracks was common knowledge years ago


This is kinda stupid. Even wild hemp is going to show the presence of THC, albeit .01% of whatever. This seems kind of insignificant not knowing how much THC there was.

Jeremy Hop
Jeremy Hop

Before the gov. Declared weed illegal, it grew wild. Big deal. You cannot get high on wild weed.....period

Eric Shawn Smith
Eric Shawn Smith

Cut off one head and another grows. Dumb bastards. They should be busting up meth labs and cracking down on these perverts out here. Seriously I am not even a weed advocate or a partaker.

Evan Walde
Evan Walde

It only took them 12 years to find it...

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