Keith Ellison asks good question about GOP: "Why do they want to become the party of hate?"

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Ellison: GOP is "basically a bigoted party."
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Keith Ellison is putting the Republican Party on blast.

In a Mother Jones interview from the DNC in Charlotte, America's first Muslim congressman pulls no punches, criticizing his rival party for everything from their mysterious fear of Shariah law to their alleged hostility toward women.

Here's the highlights.

Ellison on the GOP's formal proclamation that the United States is under assault from Islamic Shariah law: "It's an expression of bigotry. There has never been any legislation offered to establish Shariah law -- not at the federal level, not at the state level. There's not been a municipal ordinance opposing this, there's not been anything."

Ellison, wondering who the GOP's constituency is these days: "Why do they want to become the party of hate? They're hating on immigrants who are from Latin America. They're demonstrating hatred toward Muslims. They're demonstrating hostility toward women. They act like they don't like gay people. Who is their party supposed to be made up of in 20 years?"

"I'm sad that they have decided to go into this dark ugly place where they see the whole world as their enemy. And this is the thing: I don't mind debating taxes and spending; we probably should. But they're the party that is basically a bigoted party and they have now officially declared themselves against a whole segment of the American population, because if we said we were going to put a plank opposing Jewish law, or Catholic canon, it would be an outrage. This is also an outrage. But you know, it'll pass."

Finally, Keith on Michele Bachmann, who in July accused Ellison of having "a long record of being associated... with the Muslim Brotherhood": "She's always bragging about how great the private sector is. She should join it."

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How do YOUR people feel about The JEWISH people,Keith?

Michelle Glass
Michelle Glass

Ellison is a Tool who only speaks in platitudes. Do some research on voice inflection and body language and tell me that everything that comes out of his mouth isn't a lie. He's a fraud and if you idolize him, you're a useful idiot.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Aaron, really citing an interview from MotherJones? Why not throw in some Chris Matthews quotes about how evil and racist Republicans are as well?

CinBlueland topcommenter

He forgot, Mean to old people and children.  Keith's entire career is based on class and race division.

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

Keith Ellison: "Sky is blue, water is wet."

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland Republicans are evil and racist.  Kenny and Kirk often make racist, homophobic, and anti-Muslim remarks yet you never call them out in fact I've seen  you "like" those comments.   Personally I don't recall you making similar comments but I wouldn't doubt it.   If you don't want to be the party of bigots then get rid of the bigots in your party. 

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @MicheleBachmann See MB - This is a great distinction between you and I and probably most Conservatives. I don't think you, Keith, Aaron or any other Lib/Dem are evil. Just misguided, or to be very polite have a different philosophy of how gov't should work and be run.

Apologies, I don't follow Kirk or Kenny religiously and most of the time I think Kirk posts what he does on here to get you worked up.  (I could be wrong but I tend to have a dark/evil sense of humor. I also spend too much time on reddit so I've gotten used to trolls.)

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland You don't think I'm evil because I'm not evil.  I don't say bigoted or evil things about people for being the way they were born.    You however constantly "like" racist comments. You never call out kirk when he makes fun of dead chilrden because they are gay.  You never call out kenny for making fun of dead children becaue they are black.    Racism is evil.     Racist people murder and cause harm in society.   Remember that guy in Wisconsin that shot the Sikhs?   How about that guy in Norway that went to the liberal children's camp and murdered children because liberals tolerated Muslims?   How about that guy in Washington DC who shot up the Holocaust museum?   Mathew Shepard?  James Byrd?  That guy in Mississippi who the white kids ran over several times in their pick up truck because he was black?  I wouldn't call conservatives evil if just one of them had the courage to stand up to the evil bigots in their party.  You tolerate and encouarge evil people, that makes you evil.

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