Kluwe on scab refs: NFL's reputation 'tarnishing faster than a sailor's virtue in a $2 whorehouse'

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We bet this is the first time during his Vikes career that Kluwe has been bummed about a Packers loss.
Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is rallying to the defense... of the Green Bay Packers?

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Such is the strange world we live inhabit in the wake of what may have been the worst call in professional sports history.

In a blog post entitled "I'm A Minnesota Viking, and I think Green Bay got screwed," Kluwe writes, "The game that just concluded between the Seahawks and the Packers... illustrated beyond a doubt that the replacement officials simply are not qualified for the NFL."

He goes on to colorfully argue that the NFL's reputation "is tarnishing faster than a sailor's virtue in a two-dollar whorehouse." Here's another way to put it: 'Tarnishing faster than a Minnesota Viking's virtue on a Lake Minnetonka cruise boat.'

In any event, Kluwe and normally union-busting Scott Walker now at least have one thing in common:

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