Mary Franson says election is about "jobs and the economy," spends all week talking about abortion and voter ID

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Mary Franson's laser-like focus on jobs translates to non-stop Facebook posts about social issues.
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Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, makes it almost too easy to make fun to her. Then again, she is running for elected office.

On Sunday, Franson -- a lightning rod for comments she's made comparing food stamp recipients to wild animals and for characterizing Earth Day as a "Pagan holiday" -- took to Facebook to proclaim that this election cycle is all about jobs and the economy. She then spent this week posting almost nothing but tidbits about abortion and voter ID. Makes you wonder what her priorities really are, doesn't it?

Here's Franson's Sunday post:

franson facebook 1.jpg

The next day, she followed that up with the first of many posts about voter ID...

franson facebook 2.jpg

... with some pro-life and anti-gay posts mixed in for good measure:

franson facebook 3.jpg

franson facebook 4.jpg

Her followers were then blessed with tidbits about evil teacher strikes, Alliance for a Better Minnesota being union-loving abortion fiends, and words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan:

franson facebook 5.jpg

franson facebook 6.jpg

franson facebook 7.jpg

In fairness, Franson did have one post that was at least indirectly related to jobs and the economy.

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