Mary Franson says election is about "jobs and the economy," spends all week talking about abortion and voter ID

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Mary Franson's laser-like focus on jobs translates to non-stop Facebook posts about social issues.
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Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, makes it almost too easy to make fun to her. Then again, she is running for elected office.

On Sunday, Franson -- a lightning rod for comments she's made comparing food stamp recipients to wild animals and for characterizing Earth Day as a "Pagan holiday" -- took to Facebook to proclaim that this election cycle is all about jobs and the economy. She then spent this week posting almost nothing but tidbits about abortion and voter ID. Makes you wonder what her priorities really are, doesn't it?

Here's Franson's Sunday post:

franson facebook 1.jpg

The next day, she followed that up with the first of many posts about voter ID...

franson facebook 2.jpg

... with some pro-life and anti-gay posts mixed in for good measure:

franson facebook 3.jpg

franson facebook 4.jpg

Her followers were then blessed with tidbits about evil teacher strikes, Alliance for a Better Minnesota being union-loving abortion fiends, and words of wisdom from Ronald Reagan:

franson facebook 5.jpg

franson facebook 6.jpg

franson facebook 7.jpg

In fairness, Franson did have one post that was at least indirectly related to jobs and the economy.

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CinBlueland topcommenter

Aaron, can you just come out and say CP and you are Pro D ticket? Between you and Reddit it's getting old and to the point where I'll vote R just to spite you.  Kinda like eating a bacon sandwich in front of a militant vegan.

swmnguy topcommenter

Wow.  Mary Franson from Alec and Gretchen Hoffman from Vergas.  I've got family in Perham.  I hope they filter their water.

Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson

Obama has been to 106 campaign fundraisers since his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness last met on Jan 17th? And our unemployment remains above 8% for 40 plus months? What's his focus really on? Your crazy if you think ANYONE in Washington is focused!!


Yeah, because Facebook posts are the end-all and be-all of a person's election campaign.  Get real, Aaron!  Stop being so petty and nitpicky.


@citypages why don't voters & electorate push a Voting National Holiday? In other countries they close bars day before & of & have day off

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland Jeez cry a little more why don't you crybaby.   There is plenty of pro Republican websites out there like Stormfront.  I'm sure you would love it there since you "like" every racist comment you read on City Pages.  

CinBlueland topcommenter


Hi pumpkin, sorry I check CP for food tips for the most part. AR's posts are just kind of annoying.

Why didn't you mention the Blaze?  Sorry sugar, disagreeing with Obama does not make one a racist. Deep breath..( I will think outside reddit and dailykos)  Yes I read both at least I know what the latest group fap is.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland Liking racist comments makes you a racist Cin.    You have done that many times.  You can lie all you want but its the truth.  That's why no one takes your trolling seriously.   Dumb racist crybabies like you are the reason Obama is easily going to win reeclection.  

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