Michael Freeman steps up attack on Voter ID amendment [VIDEO]

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Freeman on Voter ID: "That's Wrong."
Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman stepped up his opposition to the Voter ID amendment today, deriding the Republican-backed measure as an expensive answer to a problem that doesn't exist.

College students favor voter ID amendment that could disenfranchise 70 percent of them
Wisconsin veteran ID controversy highlights concerns about MN's voter ID amendment

In a video released Thursday, Freeman calls himself an expert on election law, noting his office is in charge of prosecuting voting violations in Hennepin County.

"In the rare instances where a crime was committed, we've investigated and prosecuted those cases," says Freeman, a former DFL legislator.

If passed this November, Freeman says the amendment would cost $50 million to implement, money he argues could be put to better use.

"My concern about the photo ID amendment is it will reduce the opportunity for a number of people to vote," he says. "People such as students, such as seniors, such as military serving overseas, and absentee voters, and the voting rights of our newest citizens. That's wrong."

The $50 million number has been cited by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie -- who's also opposed to the amendment -- over the past few months, but as Minnesota Public Radio noted a couple weeks ago, that number is disputed by proponents of the amendment.

Here's Freeman's video:

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CinBlueland topcommenter

Andy, you could have at least challenged his lies.

"My concern about the photo ID amendment is it will reduce the opportunity for a number of people to vote," he says.

"People such as students - Lie you need ID to register for class/school.

Such as seniors - Lie you need an ID for benefits and can be vetted in care facilities.

Such as military serving overseas - Lie Mil members have ID and are required to have ID to enlist. (Since when did the DFL care about mil voters since 70+% vote R)

Absentee voters - Lie amendment already accounts for absentee voters and vetting

Newest citizens. Lie  becoming a citizen requires ID.


The biggest loophole this amendment closes is the "voucher" system where one can show up with a van load of "voters" and have a volunteer vouch for them, yes it's never caught because it's impossible to prove.

Richard Garfield
Richard Garfield

I think everyone should get and ID, besides there's programs where you can get a .50 cent ID voucher and one to help with getting your birth certificate, people just need to seek out the help.


 @CinBlueland Biggest LIE - that this bill addresses a valid issue with the current system. Voter fraud is non-existent and is a non issue. TRUTH - governor of Indiana (I believe) on camera saying the voter id bill in that state will help the Republicans win the White House. TRUTH - there are people in this country who don't have valid ID and it is incredibly difficult for them to get what they would need to vote. INSTEAD why don't we make voting a requirement - that would remove the ability of fringe groups to pander to a small set of constituents to get their way.


 @Ridiculous  Well, if the Governmer of Indiana says that, then it MUST be true!  And one more thing: Isn't it already a requirement in Minnesota that in order to get a voter ID card, you already have to show some sort of ID?


According to the monthly city newspaper in which I live, it states that when you register to vote you have to prove residency with one of the following:


1. Valid MN D.L. that has your current address listed

2. Valid MN I.D. that has your current address listed


3. Photo ID with current utility bill


Acceptable Photo I.D.:


1. MN D.L. or MN I.D. card

2. U.S. Passport

3. U.S. Military I.D.

4. Student photo from a post-secondary school in MN

5. Tribal indentification card with photo.


So apparently we already have voter I.D. in place.


So what is the purpose of this bill?



CinBlueland topcommenter

 @Ridiculous Oh hell no! Voting a requirement.. All we need is more of those "informed" Obama voters voting to get them some Obama money and Obama phones.  Or the ones who think Obama is pro-life and Romney is pro-choice.. .. Way too many idiots on both sides for me to want them all to vote.

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @keny1 No worries, I'm not trying to convince anyone one way or another.  To me it's more common sense, I need an ID to do anything these days yet voting for our leaders is no big deal have a buddy show up and say "Yup that's him/her" seems to lend itself to abuse.. How close what the Franken or Dayton vote?


 @CinBlueland Hmm.  I guess before I make my decision, I need to look into this more.  Unlike MB on here, I like to make my decisions based logical thinking and facts rather than what Al Franken told me to believe.  


I guess my main issue is the fact that I highly doubt that there are that many people who are willing to bring a bunch of illegal immigrants and go to polling station after polling station and risk getting charged with a felony.  But then, on the other hand, in today's political climate, nothing would surprise me.


The one thing I don't understand is why those who are opposed to this bill are trying to convince people that getting an I.D. is so extremely difficult.  Thay make it sound like getting an I.D. is like trying to get into Harvard Medical School.  You go down to the fucking DMV, hand them over $15 and BOOM!  Instant I.D.!!  As you said earlier, absolutely no one can function in society without some sort of photo I.D.  Hell, you can't even get an "Obama Phone" without showing I.D.!!!!

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @keny1 Same day voter registration my friend. It's this kind of crap that got the original core ACORN groups shut down.


 @CinBlueland  But if you were to, let's say, bring a van load of non-U.S. residents and vouched for them, wouldn't they require some sort of I.D. from you?  And would not your name be entered into a database indicating that you in fact vouched for a group of people who had no ID?  

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @keny1  @Ridiculous Mostly to close the "voucher" loophole - I can show up with a van load of "voters" and vouch that they live there and they can vote.. It's not like I gave them booze, cigs, money or anything.. Just doing my civic duty n stuff.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland Typical Republican idiot blather.  There is no issue with voter fraud.  This is a costly unneccessary law designed to make less people vote.  Republicans that vote for this know its designed to suppress the vote.  You think its good for the country to steal an election?  You dumb fools are playing with fire with this crap.


 @CinBlueland  Out of curiousity.....what is an "Obama phone"?  Or do I really want to know?

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