Michele Bachmann suggests Islam is America's enemy [VIDEO]

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Bachmann blasted Obama for not being tougher on Islam.
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Over the past couple months, Michele Bachmann has solidified her standing as Congress' leading anti-Islam crusader.

She again upped the ante during a speech this morning at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, where she accused Obama of ordering that U.S. security agencies "be brainwashed in political correctness toward Islam."

"That's enforced Islamic speech codes here in the United States," she said.

Bachmann then said Obama's friendliness toward Islam has prevented America from acting on Sun Tzu's advice: "If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not fear 100 battles."

Here's a transcript of part of Bachmann's speech, followed by the raw footage:
Last October, many prominent Islamic organizations wrote a letter to the White House where they urged our White House to do a complete purge of any federal training material from references to the ideology of Islam, to ensure that all trainers in our U.S. military, our FBI, and other U.S. security agencies, be retrained so they would be brainwashed in political correctness toward Islam. That's enforced Islamic speech codes here in the United States, and all done with the help of our President and Secretary of State...

... And as we consider our way forward we should remember the voices of history. Don't forget Sun Tzu who famously said, 'If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not fear 100 battles.' But the fact is that this administration has virtually outlawed understanding who the enemy is, and at every turn, the enemy-the President seems insistent on apologizing for who we are as Americans. (applause)

Bachmann wasn't done there. She called Obama "the most dangerous American president we have ever had on foreign policy," saying the embassy protests and attacks taking place this week throughout the Islamic world are "direct consequences of this administration's policy of apology and appeasement throughout the globe."

America is "losing our ability to identify our radical Islamist enemy," she continued, adding that we need to "draw an unmistakable red line for our enemies across the world."

Can you imagine this woman running for president on the GOP ticket in the midst of this week's scary and disturbing embassy attacks?

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