Michele Bachmann's favorite porn movies that she doesn't want you to know about (NSFW)

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It's not exactly a secret that our beloved villain member of the House of Representatives Michele Bachmann hates porn. But after years of hearing Bachmann cry foul on the skindustry, the lady doth protest too much, wethinks!

In honor of the GOP finally getting onboard with Bachmann's anti-porn stance, we thought it would be fun to explore what might be her favorite political skin flicks. So far, to the best of our porn-scouring knowledge, no one has made a parody featuring Mrs. Crazy Eyes herself. But we think we know what it'd look like.

Without further ado - because really, the above was just the pizza delivery guy segue to the meaty post below - here are Michele Bachmann's favorite porn films:

Anthony's Weener

Remember when it was a huge deal that New York Congressman Anthony Weiner sent out dick pics? Speaker of the House John Boehner makes an appearance, and you can rest assured that the classy folks making this flick didn't pronounce his name "Bay-ner."

Here's the quite NSFW trailer.


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