Minnesotans United for All Families' "kNOw Tool" draws MNGOP disdain

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For Franson and Parrish, all is not fair when it comes to marriage amendment campaigning.
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Over the weekend, Minnesotans United for All Families introduced an impressive new tool that at least a few prominent Minnesota Republicans think goes too far.

"The kNOw Tool" essentially provides a database of your Facebook friends. But when you click on their names, two multiple-choice questions pop up: "How do you think your friend will vote on the marriage amendment?" (possible responses range from "100% Vote No" to "100% Vote Yes") and "What is your confidence level of their vote?" MN United then uses that information to target likely-to-vote-yes voters with calls and emails in hopes of swaying their vote.

MN United's Richard Carlbom took to Facebook to shed further light on the tool's purpose:
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Here's a bit more from a statement on kNOw's homepage:
Through this tool you will be able to identify the support level of your friends, family and neighbors. Then, after having the critical conversation about why it's important to vote NO on this hurtful amendment, you can track your conversations here to help our campaign!
kNOw was quickly denounced by Minnesota for Marriage Deputy Campaign Manager Andy Parrish, who's apparently concerned about MN United intimidating amendment supporters with a barrage of phone calls and emails:In response to a Parrish-authored fundraising letter citing numerous examples of alleged bad behavior by amendment opponents at the State Fair, Kevin Watterson, director of media services for the MNGOP House caucus, chimed in: "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be much nicer when they find your address and come to your house to change your mind."

On Sunday, Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, took to Facebook to denounce kNOw "with a heavy heart."

franson kNOw facebook.jpg

Mary might think it's vile, but with the amendment vote looking like "a toss up," if kNOw can help MN United sway even a handful of votes from 'yay' to 'nay,' it could make all the difference come November 6.

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