Mitt Romney blames Wisconsin's problems on Obama, ignores Scott Walker [VIDEO]

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In a new ad, Romney blames Wisconsin's problem on Obama. Conspicuously absent from the discussion: Scott Walker.
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Scott Walker became governor of Wisconsin in early 2011. During his campaign, he promised to create 250,000 jobs in the state during his first term.

Suffice it to say, pretty much the opposite happened. Jobs numbers published in April revealed that from April 2011 through March 2012, Wisconsin was the only state to experience a statistically significant decrease in the number of people on nonfarm payrolls. During that time, the state lost 23,900 jobs, and Wisconsin's unemployment rate increased by 0.9 percent.

Yet according to Mitt Romney, it's all President Obama's fault.

A new Romney ad targeted specifically at Wisconsinites tells viewers: "Here in Wisconsin we're not better off under President Obama." It then touts Romney's plan to "cut government spending, eliminate the deficit, [and] create over 240,000 new jobs for Wisconsin." Where have the good people of Wisconsin heard that one before?

Here's the ad:

Obama cruised to a 14 point victory over John McCain in Wisconsin in 2008 and the Badger state hasn't gone for a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, but the bad economy, possibly accompanied with the addition of Lyin' Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket, means the presidential race will be significantly tighter this time around. Polling released just after the Ryan announcement last month showed Obama with a narrow 49 to 46 percent lead, prompting the Romney campaign to reevaluate our neighbor to the east as a possible battleground state.

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No politician should ever promise to create jobs. Only entrepreneurs responding to genuine consumer demand can create jobs. Government can only tax and transfer wealth from one citizen to another. A good politician is one who understands the limits reality imposes on him, and knows well enough to stay out of the way of the market. When government decides to "invest" hundreds of millions of dollars of the taxpayers wealth in boondoggles like "cash for clunkers" and Solyndra, this eliminates thousands of jobs before they could ever even exist. The people who were never hired for these jobs are the invisible victims. There are tens of millions of invisible victims of Obama's policies. These are not sophisticated points, but unfortunately, most Americans are so woefully ignorant on economics, that no sane politician could ever survive the following statement: "I will not create any jobs, but I promise to create the societal infrastructure that will allow businesses - small and large - to do so: 1: secure property rights. 2: easy, simple, and limited regulations to follow. 3: consistent rule of law."


For the record, I plan on voting libertarian.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

As a business owner I would never ever consider moving my business to a state with such an obviously corrupt head of state.   Scott Walker is bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. That "prank" call proved that.  Walker would do anything to please those that bought him.   How could any business that doesn't donate lots of money to Walker expect a fair shake?   Why would any talented employees want to work in a state where the guv is doing everything he can to fire teachers, firefighters, and police.  Scott Walker doesn't care about the people of Wisconsin. He only cares about getting famous on Fox News.    He only wants to pick a fight with unions to make himself famous.  At any moment an uncomprimising liar  like Walker could pick a massive fight with the teachers, police or firefighters which would cause chaos.  Businesses don't need chaos.  I need stability.  Mark Dayton has proved he can get things done and provides a stable base for business.  Plus, you can't beat the U of M for providing a large supply of smart, talented labor.  A slight tax break isn't nearly enough to make me forget all the uncertainity Walker brings.  Plus Union employees are better employees.   Any state that is hostile to labor is filled with stupid redneck losers.  

Frank Derpa Lerpa
Frank Derpa Lerpa

how about promoting other parties/runners? help get rid of the two party system.

Tim Koering
Tim Koering

More great Romney wisdom...for me to poop on!

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