MN Monthly helps Edina name its neighborhoods, including "Botoxia" and "Spraytanistan" [GRAPHIC]

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"Botoxia"? Not buying there. "Trophywife Terrace"? That's a different story.
Edina is currently trying to name its neighborhoods. It's proven to be a controversial process -- proposed 'hood names like "Normandale" and "Edina Valley Estates" have drawn ire and sent city officials back to the drawing board more than once.

-- Woodbury and Edina are top extramarital affair locales in Twin Cities, says
-- Edina drunk driver refuses to put down burrito, offers bribe, blows .284, flips bird during mug
-- Susan McCarty of Edina made nephew, 11, ride in trunk, didn't want to get Lexus' seats wet

But the City Council still hopes to approve a neighborhood plan by January, and toward that end, Minnesota Monthly has offered a helping hand, coming up with unique and fitting names for each of the city's approximately 20 'hoods.

Here's a visual depiction:
Minnesota Monthly -- Hat-tip to Tim Gihring

That's pretty good, but we suggest one teeny-weeny revision. There has to be an AshleyMadisonland somewhere, right? At the least, it could be a subsection of Hockeymom Manor.

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swmnguy topcommenter

Where are all the pissed-off Edina residents, like there were about the "Judgmental Map of Minneapolis?"  Or maybe they don't log on to CityPages in Edina.  I'd think somebody could find an anti-jewish slur in "Noshville."  Or find "Hotmomia" to be intolerably sexist.


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