New pro-Bachmann attack ad is so outrageous, it raised $8,000 for Jim Graves [VIDEO]

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The ad helped Graves raise nearly $8,000, but might it convince undecideds to vote for Bachmann?
A new pro-Michele Bachmann attack ad paid for by the National Republican Trust PAC helped raise money... for Jim Graves.

-- Bachmann and Jim Graves now neck and neck as Michele's favorability tanks
-- Jim Graves' new ad hits Michele Bachmann for "her McCarthy-style witch-hunt"
-- Jim Graves, Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann: The City Pages interview

The ad was featured by the Daily Kos as last week's winner of its "Hell to Pay" contest. Readers vote on the most vile new conservative attack ad of the week, then the Daily Kos helps the ad's target raise money.

The commercial seizes upon Graves's criticism of Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Summer of Crazy and tries to link the hotelier to violence and unrest in the Middle East.

Here's the footage:

Bill Prendergast of the Minnesota Progressive Project provides some context:
Mr. Graves is a Minnesota hotelier and private sector entrepreneur who's created thousands of jobs in Minnesota. He has no connection with terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, or attacks on US citizens. But the sequence of visual imagery in the ad give the impression that Graves is somehow associated with terror and terrorism.

The verbal content of the ad suggests that Graves is a fool for criticizing Michele Bachmann when she tried to foment unsubstantiated, McCarthyite doubts about the loyalty of US State Department personnel. (Bachmann was roundly criticized for doing so; her critics included prominent Republicans--not just Jim Graves.)
Regarding Prendergast's last point, the Daily Kos points out that Graves basically echoed similar criticism of Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood remarks made by fellow Republican John McCain, who called them "specious and degrading."

As of this afternoon, the Daily Kos's "Hell to Pay" column had helped Graves raise $7,972 from 274 contributors.

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I am so SO sick of it being normal to attack a political opponent now in TV ads. It muddies the waters with false hoods and outright lies. Thinking this is ok is what is wrong with politics now a days. Michelle Bachmann NEEDS TO STEP down and let someone else in.


According to the disclaimer at the end, the ad was made by a Republican pac, and not the official Bachmann campaign--although I bet there phones are ringing now!


I wish to God that I could vote for  Jim Graves. This Michele Bachman is ONE CRAZY, stupid ignorant person and she doesn't belong running for Congress or anything else. Get her out. If you people have any brains you will get rid of her in a heartbeat.   I have a neice and her husband that live in Minn. and I hope they are NOT VOTING FOR HER.

Darcy Johnson
Darcy Johnson

The photo resemblance of Michelle Bachman is uncanny!

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