Packers screwed by replacement refs: 'NFL needs to come to GB and apologize for fucking us' [VIDEO]

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It's a touchdown! It's an interception! It's a... horrible call.
Last night, the Green Bay Packers were victimized by what may have been the single worst call in NFL history.

Leading 12-7 with seconds left, the Pack had to vend off a Seattle Seahawks' Hail Mary to secure the victory. And that they did, as defensive back M.D. Jennings clearly emerged from an end zone scrum with Seattle's Golden Tate with possession of the ball.

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But two scab refs had contradicting interpretations  -- one signaled interception, while another somehow viewed the play as a Tate TD. The play, understandably, was reviewed, and in yet another replacement-ref head-scratcher, the head referee upheld the TD call and essentially granted a 14-12 victory to Seattle.

Here's the footage:

After the game, Packers players were irate. Clay Matthews shared NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's phone number on Facebook in a post that was quickly deleted. Offensive lineman TJ Lang took to Twitter and offered up these gems:
packers reax 4.jpg
Lang's sentiment was echoed by fellow D-lineman Johnny Jolly:
packers reax 1.jpg

But the most epic Twitter rant came courtesy of offensive lineman Josh Sitton:
packers reax 2.jpg
As a Vikings fan, there's always an element of Schadenfreude when Green Bay loses. And as indignant as NFL fans are feeling this morning about the Goodell-backed replacement ref joke we've had to endure for three weeks, we gotta admit -- if it really was only a matter of time before an NFL team lost a game because of incompetent officiating, we're glad it happened to the now-tied-for-last-place Packers.

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