Raccoon becomes part of road as striping crew paints over Duluth-area roadkill [PHOTO]

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raccoon rect.jpg
Duluth News Tribune/Clint Austin
This raccoon's afterlife isn't very pleasant.
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In his last life, he was a raccoon. Now, he demarcates the edge of a Duluth-area road.

A sadly lazy road-striping crew decided not to remove a deceased raccoon from the side of Howard Gnesen Road before going to work. Instead, they painted right over it.

Here's the full image, courtesy of the Duluth News Tribune's Clint Austin:

raccoon full.jpg

Patty Donaldson of Gnesen Township told the Tribune she would've removed the raccoon from the road herself had it not been smashed at spot near a curve, with only a narrow shoulder alongside the roadway.

"We're all God's creatures," Donaldson said. "For somebody to leave an animal lay like that and not move it over... we have to have some sensitivity in this world."

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