Richard Armstrong of Mpls broke out axe and blowtorch when wife said she's leaving him

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Armstrong didn't take news his wife wants a divorce well.
No doubt, it's not fun news for anyone to receive, but still, there are better and worse ways to react when told your spouse is leaving you.

-- Clinton Corry went berserk when ex-girlfriend blocked him on Facebook, charges say
-- Hinckley man allegedly paid undercover cop to kidnap his ex-girlfriend, turn her into sex slave

File this one under the 'worse ways' heading: Richard Armstrong, 40, a resident on the 2800 block of 30th Avenue South in Minneapolis, allegedly ran after his presumably soon-to-be ex-wife with a lit blowtorch on the evening of September 17 after she told him she'd had enough of their marriage.

From the Minneapolis Police Department:
The victim told officers she began divorce proceedings against her husband that day and when she got home she found her husband on the porch holding a double-bladed axe wanting to "talk" with her. After getting her children into the home she attempted to talk to the suspect who then produced a blow torch, lit it, and chased the victim around the home.
KARE reports that the woman was somehow able to round up her children and escape to a vehicle on the street without suffering bodily harm.

Officers arrived and a struggle with Armstrong ensued, but he was eventually arrested. He told officers he was so intoxicated he doesn't remember the incident.

Armstrong's been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats and faces up to five years in prison.

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I am the former spouse of the victim, and I can say that he was a100% user and abuser. He hit my two children the day before as well as a few times prior. Regardless of alcohol consumption, you do not treat a woman that loves you as much as she did. For the record, there was NO prior knowledge on his behalf of the pending divorce filing whatsoever. He has been this way and he just "snapped". I feel bad for his children, especially considering the fact that he also has a 10 year run hanging over his head from previous charges. His children will never know him. His wife left him and he will finally be out of my hair.


I just read his defence statement, apparently he was simply trying to demonstrate his new creme brulee recipe.. What better way to win an abused woman back then with a nicely scorched desert dish ? .. What the hell is wrong with women these days, they ask for a dude to think outside the box and it costs him time inside the concrete stadium.


Ahh the sanctity of heteronormative marriage.

Pinko Thinker
Pinko Thinker

I like a man who knows exactly what he wants, and the tools he'll use to get it.


I hope they put him in jail, and not just some bullshit probation......that's some scary shit that he has the propensity in himself to do that......doesn't matter if he was intoxicated or not....i've been very much intoxicated, yet never wielded an axe......or blowtorch...

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