R.T. Rybak dissed by North Carolina newspaper

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What, do they expect Jimmy Carter or something?
Last winter, the New York Times mentioned Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak as a potential 2016 presidential candidate.

He was included in a list that included Democratic heavy-hitters like Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and Elizabeth Warren. Pretty impressive, eh?

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Well, apparently the Raleigh News & Observer didn't read that article. Because in a piece published yesterday, the Observer asks the following question about the City of Lakes' dreamy mayor: "Who?"

From the Observer:

north carolina rybak diss.jpg

The Observer is probably being a little harsh, but still, $100 to see Rybak? In the past few months alone, I've run into R.T. at Northern Spark, the Lagoon Theater, and out-and-about downtown before a Vikings game. Those opportunities obviously don't arise for North Carolinians, but for a Minneapolis resident, it's kinda like asking for $100 for dinner with Scott Seekins.

-- Hat-tip: Eric Roper --

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