R.T. Rybak dissed by North Carolina newspaper

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What, do they expect Jimmy Carter or something?
Last winter, the New York Times mentioned Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak as a potential 2016 presidential candidate.

He was included in a list that included Democratic heavy-hitters like Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and Elizabeth Warren. Pretty impressive, eh?

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Well, apparently the Raleigh News & Observer didn't read that article. Because in a piece published yesterday, the Observer asks the following question about the City of Lakes' dreamy mayor: "Who?"

From the Observer:

north carolina rybak diss.jpg

The Observer is probably being a little harsh, but still, $100 to see Rybak? In the past few months alone, I've run into R.T. at Northern Spark, the Lagoon Theater, and out-and-about downtown before a Vikings game. Those opportunities obviously don't arise for North Carolinians, but for a Minneapolis resident, it's kinda like asking for $100 for dinner with Scott Seekins.

-- Hat-tip: Eric Roper --

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Jean Claude Cau
Jean Claude Cau

This is almost as funny as when Sharon" Soupy" Sales Belton rode on Air Force with Clinton, and the buzz was an administration position. He jettisoned her off his plane in Chicago.


@MayorRTRybak @atrupar what we've learned is that Scott Seekins and the Mayor need to hold an Obama fundraiser in MPLS.


LOL!!  Raleigh, NC  


First of all, does anyone read the Raleigh News & Observer?  It's circulation is probably about the same as the City Pages'.  Furthermore, why would anyone outside the city of Raleigh care what its local rag has to say about R.T. or anyone else for that matter?


@atrupar @MayorRTRybak Points for your Scott Seekins joke.

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