Ryan Doumit commits three errors in an inning; first outfielder to do so since '89 [VIDEO]

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Twins defensive butcher outfielder and catcher Ryan Doumit made the wrong kind of history during last night's 10-5 loss to the Kansas City Royals at a deserted Target Field.

In the eighth inning, Doumit became the first outfielder since 1989 to commit not one, not two, but three errors in the same inning.

Here's the video:

After the game, Doumit said, "I'm going to have days like this." In other words, he basically 'fessed up to being one of the worst defensive players in the game.

"It's embarrassing, but I'm going to learn from it and go out and get 'em tomorrow." And for better or worse, he'll continue to 'go get 'em' in a Twins uniform for the foreseeable future, as in June the Twins signed Doumit to a two-year, $7-million extension. 

The Twins, currently tied for the worst record in the AL, have 19 games left in their second consecutive awful season. And if the attendance at Tuesday night's game is any indication (see photo at top of post), the only living things in attendance at Target Field during their last home games will be hawks and moths.

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Chad Evenson
Chad Evenson

Ease up on Doumit, CP! Don't bite one of the few reliable hands that's been feeding fans some offense this year. Fessing up to playing like shizz in "1" game doesn't constitute the summation of his season. Great way to get people all riled-up by taking his comments out of context. That's to quote Bryce Harper "a clown" move City Pages! Doumits ONLY a switch-hitting, muti-positional player who hits for average with power and plays the game right. Plus, he's played in some 122 of 143 games. He's been invaluable to the Twins this year. Almost all players have bad days and sometimes those bad days are exceptionally bad to downright awful. It happens. Why so bitter? Better all in one inning of one game that doesn't really count at this point anyway. There were likely more constructive ways to be critical of Doumit's awful inning yesterday than what you chose to roll with here. Today is your bad day! Chin up. Tomorrow you'll be better.

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