Samuel Taylor's murder trial in cabbie shooting begins today

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According to charges, Taylor fatally shot William Harper in the back near 23rd Avenue and 4th Street N.
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    The murder trial for a 20-year-old accused of killing a north Minneapolis cabbie in a robbery gone wrong begins today in Hennepin County.

    Last Thursday, a grand jury brought indictments of first- and second-degree murder for Samuel Johosephat Taylor in the March shooting of 56-year-old William Harper. Taylor was arrested shortly after the incident, and has been held on a criminal complaint ever since.

    According to the original charges:

  • On March 14, officers responded to a shooting report near the corner of 23rd Avenue and 4th Street North. They found Harper in his cab, seemingly bleeding from the chest.

    "Help me, I've been shot," he pleaded. "He shot me."

    Harper died in the hospital. The autopsy determined that he had actually been shot in the back, and the chest injury was an exit wound.

    Police traced the call made to the cab company as coming from a nearby address. Though at first people at the residence denied knowing anything about it, a witness came forward and said Taylor had called the cab company. Another witness later told police that Taylor had admitted to shooting someone while committing a robbery hours after the incident.

    After attempting to change his appearance and evade police, Taylor eventually turned himself in through his attorney.

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    It looks like Buckwheat will be facing 30-life in the tax-payer-funded Hotel for Thugz.  I say just find a tree and get a good, sturdy rope.


     @keny1 Instead, should just be sent in a capsule to the sun.  That would be a great way to deal with these ghetto people.  If they are not fit to contribute to society, then send them to out of space?!

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