St. Paul Saints get $25 million for new ballpark; Veeck-ville coming to Lowertown

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Lowertown will be the new home of the St. Paul Saints as soon as 2015.
-- St. Paul Saints move one step closer to building Veeck-land in Lowertown
-- St. Paul Saints to become St. Paul Aints on Minnesota Atheists night

Minneapolis got Zygi-land -- St. Paul is getting Veeck-ville.

Today, Governor Mark Dayton awarded the Saints $25 million out of the $27 million the team sought for its new Lowertown ballpark. The rest of the cost of the $54 million facility will be paid for by the city of St. Paul and the Saints organization.

The 7,500-capacity ballpark will feature open artist space and allegedly maintain the same cheaper-than-watching-the-Twins-lose prices found at the Saints' current ballpark, the decrepit Midway Stadium. On MPR this morning, owner Mike Veeck said he thinks the ballpark could open as soon as 2015.

St. Paul officials estimate the new stadium, which is also planned to host amateur games, will generate $10 million of new economic activity annually, but some economists are skeptical about the city's projection.

Nonetheless, for those of us who can afford it, how cool will it be to watch the (possible) Twins minor league affiliate play in St. Paul, then hop on a Central Corridor light rail train, travel to Minneapolis and watch the big league club at Target Field?

With taxpayer-subsidized amenities like that, it's no wonder Minnesota is America's least miserable state.

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A good investment. Dollar for dollar, vastly superior to the Twins ball park rip off.


I live close to Midway stadium, and it's in constant use. I hope the city will continue to use Midway stadium, and not tear it down to make room for still more cinderblock building businesses.


is this a joke? how dumb are people these days. quit investing in peoples pass times and invest in the cities ability to be sustainable. with the true lower town master plan. be onnovative. come up with some new ideas saint paul.... you have a team that will bring money in.... during the summer and from that point on the area is useless. it makes me sick that the people in charge allow and want things like this to happen. educate yourself 

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