State Fair knockout: Police officer gets kicked in the head [VIDEO]

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The stills show the officer just before he gets kicked (left); the big boot (center), and the suspect subsequently being arrested (right).
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Sunday's State Fair festivities were marred by two fights, one of which involved a police officer getting knocked unconscious by a cheap-shot kick to the head.

That incident, which took place just after midnight Sunday morning, was recorded by a bystander and posted to YouTube (footage below the jump).

The off-duty St. Paul officer was enjoying the Fair as a civilian when he stepped in to help officers break up a fight near the Midway. After handcuffing a suspect and pinning him to the ground, another man steps in and boots the unsuspecting off-duty cop in the side of the head, knocking him out.

Here's the clip:

As seen on the video, the suspect was arrested on shortly thereafter and could be charged with assault today, according to the Pioneer Press.

The second Sunday fight took place around 2:30 p.m. when a gay marriage supporter and opponent got into it. One of the men suffered a dislocated shoulder. From the Star Tribune:
The first man threw a beverage into the face of another man. The second man then hit the first one, causing him to hit a wall and injure his shoulder.

The two men were cited, the first with disorderly conduct and the second for fifth-degree assault, [fair spokeswoman Brienna] Schuette said. She said the second man was escorted off the fairgrounds.

No motives for the [fight was] disclosed, but WCCO TV (Ch. 4) reported that [it] was between supporters and opponents of proposed Minnesota marriage amendment.
If you're curious, WCCO reports that a Vote Yes supporter laid the smack down upon a Vote No backer.

-- Hat-tip: Bob Collins

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