State Fair knockout: Police officer gets kicked in the head [VIDEO]

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The stills show the officer just before he gets kicked (left); the big boot (center), and the suspect subsequently being arrested (right).
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Sunday's State Fair festivities were marred by two fights, one of which involved a police officer getting knocked unconscious by a cheap-shot kick to the head.

That incident, which took place just after midnight Sunday morning, was recorded by a bystander and posted to YouTube (footage below the jump).

The off-duty St. Paul officer was enjoying the Fair as a civilian when he stepped in to help officers break up a fight near the Midway. After handcuffing a suspect and pinning him to the ground, another man steps in and boots the unsuspecting off-duty cop in the side of the head, knocking him out.

Here's the clip:

As seen on the video, the suspect was arrested on shortly thereafter and could be charged with assault today, according to the Pioneer Press.

The second Sunday fight took place around 2:30 p.m. when a gay marriage supporter and opponent got into it. One of the men suffered a dislocated shoulder. From the Star Tribune:
The first man threw a beverage into the face of another man. The second man then hit the first one, causing him to hit a wall and injure his shoulder.

The two men were cited, the first with disorderly conduct and the second for fifth-degree assault, [fair spokeswoman Brienna] Schuette said. She said the second man was escorted off the fairgrounds.

No motives for the [fight was] disclosed, but WCCO TV (Ch. 4) reported that [it] was between supporters and opponents of proposed Minnesota marriage amendment.
If you're curious, WCCO reports that a Vote Yes supporter laid the smack down upon a Vote No backer.

-- Hat-tip: Bob Collins

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Doesn't the Declaration of independence say something about leaders inciting insurrections among us?  Shouldn't the Minnesota legislature be arrested for disorderly conduct?  Wouldn't that address the problem more directly and in a more honest manner?  How many people are needed to press charges against Minnesota law makers.  Why hasn't any thought to file charges yet against the perpetrators? 


Hmm, it's really too bad no civilians had their conceal and  carry on them and used it. I wouldn't feel an ounce of pity of one of these little bastards took a bullet in the face.


It is commendable that the off duty officer was willing to step in and help. I know it was a short clip but he seemed to be calm and under control and reacting how you would hope a police officer would. Many kudos to him and I'm quite sorry that he he got treated the way he did. It is unfortunate that there were not any active duty officers to help quarentine the situation.The girl's comment at the end of the video surmises it well. "There were 20 police officers right over there but then none over here when all of this happened".Every time I have been to the fair I have been impressed by the strong show of force and dispertion of police officers through out the fair. Unfortunately every time that I have heard of or seen an incident, they are no where to be found. As for the assailent...I have no respect for him. He backs away intimidated from someone trying to fight him and then instead blindsides the officer with a kick to the head. That really shows how tough he is (well, isn't).It will be interesting to see how the charges against this assailent compare to the charges to David Clffords. Both men should face the full wrath of the law and both men are cowards. Mr Cliffor should have exercised extra restraint given his training but neither one's behavior is acceptable and it is up to us to hold them accountable.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

"Gosh, what profoundly stupid thing can I do with my super-beer-powers today? I know, I'll kick an off-duty police officer unconscious. Go, me!"


 @Swee2th  Are you fucking INSANE???  Please tell me which individual you are referring to, and what they did to deserve to die.  Not to mention, said civilian would be arrested, prosecuted, and likely convicted of murder since there was no justification for something like that.


Oh, and I carry daily so don't give me any of that bleeding heart bullshit.


I AM insane but I didn't really mean it. Just a kneejerk internet reaction.

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