The Paul Ryan Time Calculator will turn you into a world-class runner, just like him

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Paul Ryan claimed to run a 2:55:00-ish marathon. In Paul Ryan Time, that's only a couple minutes off the world record.
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Yesterday, we told you about a sizable fib Wisconsin congressman and VP nominee Paul Ryan uttered during an interview last month -- he claimed he ran the 1990 Grandma's Marathon in Duluth in a world-class "two hours and fifty-something," when his official time was in fact a much more pedestrian 4:01:25.

Ryan's liberal rounding-down got one creative internet user thinking, 'How fast would I be in Paul Ryan Time?' Well, now you can find out! Because yesterday, the internet was introduced to The Original Paul Ryan Time Calculator.

Here's how it works. The homepage asks you for what sort of race you're curious about -- for instance, a mile run, 5k, half marathon, marathon, and so forth -- your time, and whether you're a male or a female. Then, applying the Ryan Rounding Down Rule, it spits out your Ryan-adjusted time and compares it to the world record.

For instance, my somewhat-impressive personal-best mile run, 6:25 (set in high school -- I'm not Paul Ryan-ing you!), translates to a blistering 4:39, less than a minute off the world record of 3:43:13. Roger Bannister, I'm on your heels!

Check it out for yourself, and bask in the knowledge that You ran that! (Okay, maybe you ran it with some help from Ryan time, but as we've learned of late, Republicans prefer to take all the credit themselves...)

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