Twins' Bert Blyleven and Dick Bremer among most homer announcing duos, study says

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Minnesota Twins
A couple of homers, for better or worse.
The Wall Street Journal recently watched one home victory by each MLB team in hopes of answering this question: What's the most biased TV announcing tandem in baseball?

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If you've ever listened to Homer Hawk Harrelson call a White Sox game, you won't be surprised to learn that he and partner Steve Stone lap the field as the most biased announcers in baseball. In fact, with 104 "biased comments" during the game the WSJ scrutinized, Harrelson and Stone offered up more homertastic remarks than all the other announcing duos in baseball combined.

But if you've managed to take in a Twins game with the sound on -- and we know it ain't easy, with all the losing the team has been doing the past couple years -- then you also won't be surprised to learn that Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven rank as one of the most biased duos around.

With nine "biased remarks" -- defined by the WSJ as comments including the use of words like "we," "us," or "our;" referring to a player by a nickname (e.g., "Morneau-sie"); or blatantly rooting for the home team -- Dick and Bert tied for the seventh biggest homers in baseball.

The WSJ cites the following as an example of a homer remark Dick and Bert made during the broadcast: "I hope there's no suspense. A nice, methodological win would be nice." Kinda like blue moons, these suspense-free Twins home victories are.

In the accompanying WSJ piece, Dick tries to explain Bert's homerism by pointing out that ex-players "have tremendous equity in the franchise they played for."

"From their perspective, I could imagine a strong desire for the team to do well," he said.

That's all well and good as far as Bert is concerned, but then what's your excuse, Dick?

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Aliza Gevirtz
Aliza Gevirtz

Dick and Bert are funny, engaging, always pleasantly-fact-finding, ultra - Minnesotan in their disagreement -- even over bad umpire calls (often backed up by Fox Trax). Bert always finds something positive to say about the young, the old, the military, the sick, and the deceased. Dick has over 70 ways of describing how a ball is hit! (Ask me, I'll tell you what they are!) If I can't catch a game on TV bc I'm in the car, I have waited a half hour when tuning to Gladden before I know who's on base, who's pitching, what inning we're in, and even the damn score. Dick and Bert never keep me waiting and always keep me informed and entertained. They live and espouse the idea that you are in "Twins Territory" if you love the game of baseball, no matter which league or division you root for. Of course they are Twins fans!! They live, work, and represent the most beautiful flyover state in the country. If you prefer bigger salaries, boring announcers, and obnoxious salaries, tune in to the Yankees!


What's wrong with local broadcasters being homers? They're fans talking to fans. Professional fans I suppose, but fans.

Garrett Bucko
Garrett Bucko

I love their commentating. Try listening to other teams' (or ESPN's) commentators, it's terrible.

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy

Truth bomb. These ass clowns need to be taken off the air already.

NickLucchesi moderator communitymanager

TV broadcasters always seem like much bigger homers than the radio guys. If the WSJ had just looked at radio as compared to TV -- a higher-pressure position to which the organization applies more scrutiny, I think anyway -- I think we'd see lower numbers on that index. 


@citypages and the guy6 who says "theeeee Yankeees winnnnnnnnn" doesn't get a rating? What garbage.


Breaking news: the sky is blue.

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

Love these guys. Glad they're the objectivity for political reporting.








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