Twins finally release "It Gets Better" video, but omit GLBT-rights component of bullying issue

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The video features Joe Mauer, who says: "I care, and when we face bullying together, it can only get better."
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After being in the works for more than a year, the Twins finally released their "It Gets Better" anti-bullying video yesterday.

Starring Joe Mauer, the video is better than nothing, but it conspicuously omits mention of the GLBT-rights component of the Dan Savage-created "It Gets Better" campaign.

In June, Twins public affairs director Kevin Smith said the organization was publicly distancing itself from Savage after the gay man and advice columnist created a stir by talking about how it's possible to "ignore the bullshit" in the Bible during a speech he gave this spring to a bunch of high schoolers in Seattle. Apparently, that meant neutering the video of a GLBT component altogether.

The Twins' "It Gets Better" features a series of teens and pre-teens holding signs that say, "I hate life," "I get hit on the bus," "I hate school," "I get called a freak," "I get mean texts," "I have bruises," "I never have any fun," "People post bad things about me," "I eat lunch alone" (Hey, I do that everyday!), and "I'm scared."

Cue Joe Mauer. With his typical deadpan delivery, the hometown hero says, "Bullying has many faces, but so does those that can help. So tell someone, tell a parent, friend, or teacher -- because people care, I care, and when we face bullying together, it can only get better."

"Stay strong, because with help, there's hope," Mauer says, before directing viewers to the website.

Unfortunately, the video isn't embeddable, but you can check it out for yourself here. Video partners include SAVE, Peace Maker Minnesota, Jefferson Awards, OutFront Minnesota, Periscope, and Fox Sports North.

The Twins organization must assume it goes without saying, but it would've been nice to see some acknowledgement of the reasons why kids are getting bullied in schools, wouldn't it? As it is, this "It Gets Better" seems like it's trying not to offend anyone, to the detriment of the queer kids who are often the victims.

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"it conspicuously omits mention of the GLBT-rights component of the Dan Savage-created "It Gets Better" campaign."




Short kids, tall kids, fat kids, skinny kids, gay kids, straight kids, ugly kids, pretty kids and everything in between all get bullied. Why do we need to know WHY kids are getting bullied in schools? The reasons are pointless and, to be perfectly honest, counterintuitive to the "It gets better" campaign. It's not that you won't be tall or fat or gay or pretty later in life -- it's that the bullying isn't about that, and won't always be, and it gets better.


I think it's shortsighted to complain that the GLBT element wasn't included. Was it a cop-out on the Twins' part? Yeah, probably. Is it more important to stop bullying altogether? Absolutely.

Ben Weidt
Ben Weidt

The Twins will never take a stand on a controversial issue. It would ruin their whole "family friendly" image they maintain.

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