Two separate pig-borne flu strains now linked to State Fair

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Vicky TGAW
Two separate strains of the pig-borne flu may have been present at the Minnesota State Fair.
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Two cases of flu strain H3N2 have been linked to the Minnesota State Fair, according to a statement by the Minnesota Department of Health yesterday. That means two different strains of pig-borne flu were possibly circulating at the fair.

A school-aged girl from the Twin Cities and a pre-school-aged boy from greater Minnesota became ill last week after visiting the swine barn. Neither child was hospitalized and both have fully recovered.

This is the first time infection with the H3N2 virus has been linked with the State Fair, according to the MDH. Four other State Fair-linked flu cases involve a different flu strain, H1N2.

Health and fair officials took several precautions to guard against the pig-borne flu that hit Minnesota last month and has infected nearly 300 people. Though the strain is similar to the seasonal flu, the flu virus can mutate quickly when it moves from one species to the next.

MDH officials say the state could still see additional cases of flu associated with exposure to pigs at the fair, but the window for new cases should be closing soon.

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